Friday, November 27, 2015

Did I show pictures of Tauralie?

In her gorgeous Emily Rose dress?

 I'm not brave enough to leave her in it for too long, the sleeves and skirt are dark green velvet/velour (not sure exactly). 

So something a little more casual, with less colour transfer risk. 

My American Girl 2013 Easy Breezy Outfit, I managed to get last November. The top has a halter neck, but otherwise I love this outfit. 
Tauralie is Truly Me #61. 
Her name was inspired by the elf Tauriel from parts 2and 3 of The Hobbit trilogy, the medieval dress was meant to be her "daughter of the forest" look. 
I am still working her out, but don't want to set her characteristics in stone as people's interests can change, and they can react differently depending on the situation. 
Some thing I found out in October is that she likes the drums, as in rock band drums, so there you go. 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A little doll shopping will do it

Andy was walking us home after ballet lessons, we passed the local shopping village. 

The girls noticed a sign. 


Maddie, we must look in here, for your dress, and well what a bargain. 

Shame I only have this bag. 

Wait a minute. I have a raincoat in my back pocket. 


Oh dear. 

I guess I sit it out. 

Girls, Pippa, Antoinette where'd you go?

Here I am, wow there's some great stuff in here. 

Come in Maddie, the waters fine. 

Ooh, this helmet might come in handy, and look at these, white jeans. 

No no no. 
You are not going to the dance in those. 
Here let us help you. 

Oh look at the colour of this Maddie, it would go great with your eyes. 
And look at this, I reckon Pip if we get Tzeitel and Trinity to help we can get something out of this and this and this. 
Totally. Ooh and look at all these shoes. 

Hey Andy we're done. 
Ah, okay, but where's Maddie?


About a boy, and a ballet school.

Dear Diary,

So today, I decided to go see if ballet were my thing. Just for a little while anyway. I'm sure I'll be at the skate park again soon, maybe. Well Andy's often there and I like hanging out with him, miss being at school only because of him. Catherine thinks the doctor might be ok with me going back next week, the period to be concerned about infections should be gone by the end of this week, and I'm still taking medication for all that anyway for another week, so then it'll just be up to me to see how I feel. There's school work to catch up on and exams start soon, ugh, I might be not feeling up to it for another couple of weeks yet. When's the school year over?

So down at the primary school the teacher was there with two little girls. 

It was Pippa and Antoinette. 

The teacher got the other two to do some floor stretches, and she asked what I could do, and why I wanted to dance. 
I had to confess that "I don't know" was really the answer to both questions, but I wanted to do something to keep active, work out what I was able to do, without wheels, just in case. 
She got me to take my shoes off. Which I thought was a bit weird, but she explained she was able to see the flexibility in my feet and ankles and was kind of hopeful that I would get something out of the basic lessons. 

If I held onto the back of the chair I was even able to stand on the tips of my toes. 

The teacher suggested I Change my clothes, behind the mirror. It was just like wearing a swimsuit with stockings. 
Wow, look at you Maddie, said Pippa. You'll be the swan queen in no time, as I gracefully slid in my stockinged feet. 
I had to giggle. 

Teacher said the soft shoes were best to start with. But the pointe shoes would be soon and once scuffed would provide a bit more stability. 

Hello Andy, Antoinette and Pippa chorused. 

Andy! (How embarrassing). 
Hey Maddie, girls. He was grinning. 
I walked over, and nearly slipped again.  How long have you been there?

Hehehe, well long enough, to see that you've lost your two left feet, but seem to have a gained a duck waddle. It might be safer for you on a skateboard. 
Maybe, I giggled again. I think I might have a little more control this way. What do you think?
He shrugged, Very graceful I guess. Skating would be a smoother ride, but if wheels are scaring ya, then you could I spose translate your moves to music, and floor sliding. 

Hahahaha, I didn't think it like that. I'm not sure I've got the hang of the graceful pose yet. Not sure if I'm gonna karate chop you or pull out a fencing sword. 

And then Miss Dawson went over to Andy, and asked him if he would be willing to join the lesson. 

Ah! I'll wait ways over there for you Maddie, I was hoping I could walk you home. 

Board to Dance.

Hi Maddie, I was just going down to get some groceries, and was wondering if you wanted to be dropped at the skate park for a bit?
Andy might be there, I could see if Miriam wanted to go too. 

I don't know. Skateboard is being used by Santa at the moment and well he's got important business to take care of. 

Right, the 25th. But it's still November. 
Dry run maybe?
Maybe later. 
I was thinking though of going down to the primary school, see about the ballet classes. You know for exercise and stuff. 
Ok then. 

A ballet school.

Hmm, so after school classes the schoolroom can be cleared and the ballet school can use the room for a couple of hours. 
Antoinette has been taking lessons for a while now. 

And is fairly steady on her feet

Pippa has only just started, after getting her outfit for her birthday on the 3rd of November. This is her second lesson, she likes it so much she wears her leotard everywhere. 

Miss Dawson, school teacher, dog trainer, and ballet teacher was only too happy to start up the after school activity, and is trying to get some of her other pupils to join in. 

Notes to owner (me) from Miss Dawson:
Need to clean the floor
Need a bar
Need a tape deck (anything else Is likely to jump)
Need to clean the mirror 
And when taking photos need to make sure whatever is reflected in said mirror is something you want people to see (eg messy room, knobbly knees, window glare, photographer).