Monday, December 29, 2014

The Year of the Shoe: December

The Year of the Shoe.
December already.
Our Generation Stripes Ahoy

I thought they were Navy Blue stripes, but I think now that I'm writing this the stripes are black. Red stitching and floral embellishment on the toe. Hard black heeled sole.

When I thought it was Navy, I thought them a great replacement for the soft shoes from the outfit For the Frill of It, and well they still are. 

 Sandals I'm yet to identify, came with my Kanani. The seller could only find one of her original blues, so opted to send her in these instead (I don't mind cos I collect shoes). They velcro at the back.


And lastly these marvellous boots:
Buckles and chains

and zips and laces

and they fit perfectly, and easily

were bought for Llewellyn, sort of a cross between a swingin' 70's disco boot
(like from her dance set)
and a hmm (I liked em so I got em)


Sunday, December 28, 2014

A little gift Giving - part 4 Hanalei

The special guest had arrived, and was waiting in Maddie's room, feeling a little awkward.
"Hanalei!" Llewellyn exclaimed

"It's so good to see you again. Merry Xmas"
"Aloha, Merry Xmas Llew."

"You must be Maddie."
"Hi Hanalei, how are you?"
"A little nervous to be honest, I ..."
" Hey it'll be fine. Come meet everyone."

"Hey, this is Hanalei."
"Hi Hanalei."
"Hoh, you're from Hawaii too?" Phillippa recognised the local greeting.
"I'm from Honolulu, welcome to Australia."

"Ooh I like your crowns."

"It's lucky then that we saved one for you."

"For me?"
"Yep. Santa knew you would be here today."
"Santa, but I don't b..."
"That's okay, this is for you anyway."

"Hoh, my favourite flower, well one of them, but how did?"

"and a dolphin necklace, I really like marine animals, and how...."

"Wow, thankyou.... Santa."

A Christmas guest from my AG wishlist



A little gift giving - part 3 from Aunty Peggy

A little tidy up before lunch

There's still 2 gifts unclaimed
More pet treats, and oh its to all of us from Aunty Peggy and Natasha. Nice, some little crowns.

Would you like one PLP?

Cinderella fan

Miriam, Josefina, Emily and Antoinette

Princess Spotty (wasn't happy)
So we saved it for the mystery Hanalei
Thankyou Aunty Peggy, we hope you and Uncle D and S and Natasha had a lovely Xmas.

A little gift giving - part 2

Josefina had noticed this red parcel by her seat

It's for me

Ah, those donkey slippers, and a hair comb, thankyou Santa

Mercedes was next, with a gift for someone called Hanalei.
Has someone else changed their name?
she put it back under the tree

This one has no name at all, I better open it just in case
Pet Rewards

Yummy Pudding look what else Santa brought

Yay - this one's actually for me

Unreal, a calculator, for those harder Maths questions.

Miriam found one for Llewellyn

A yellow lava lamp

And the last 2, Maddie and Miriam

A Torch
Hoh, a photo album of our holiday

Look Llew
ehehehehe, thats so cool