Sunday, October 25, 2015

I had some pocket money so I.... (Part2)


I sometimes look at the Barbie aisle. In my experiences I've only ever seen this face mold (Christie maybe) in this colour. So to see her in fair skin with freckles and the big ball of fluff for hair I thought I would add her to my collection. I've not had a new Barbie since, um, hmm maybe 2011 but I can't think who that was I was in BFC ink mode, with a dash of My Scene, and most of my Barbies have since funded AG and a holiday. Anyway so I got her. Have no idea if she has an official name, but she is from the Fashionista line (shudder - I hate that term). 
 It means her body is stuck in a pose, her knees don't bend, she's skinnier than any Barbie I've had before, of the same height anyway, except for Clawdia but the bodies are really nothing alike. 

This is my favorite Barbie line face mold Teresa from the 90s well her head is anyway. I think she was Flying Super hero, came in a yellow leotard and was one of the big busted flat footed articulated dolls that I at one point had enmasse. She had a body transplant I think to what was a belly button body from the early 2000s, so whilst she too is stuck I prefer if over the Fashunderistas body. Teresa's knees click and hold. 


I'll see if I've got any bodies left and see if I can do a swap for the new girl. She's very white though so we'll wait and see. Maybe I'll need to buy a play line doll to do this. 

Talking of transplanting bodies, I'm considering giving Maddie a new body, 

It's madness I tell ya

Missing Albert

Tzeitel has been missing Albert the cat. She has even put her crocheting away. She has said it was getting too hot to work with wool, but it did seem a little more than that. 

I was in toys'r'us the other week and journey girls pets were available. 

Worlds longest tag?

Hey Tzeitel I found someone who needs some taking care of.

Hoh, a little white kitten. 

Oh sheis lovely. 

Will Pudding and the new kitten get along?

The book of cats thinks she might be a White British Shorthair. Tzeitel has decided to call her Alexis Britani, a little after her departed friend and a little for her breed. 

I had some pocket money so I.........

I had some pocket money, and I'll probably find out later where it was supposed to go, but at the time it wasn't obvious so I sent it off into the retail world to help prop up the economy.

My first ever Monster high doll. She was grinning at me from the Toys'r'us shelf, it would seem since 2014 based on the DVD ad in the top left of picture, which is probably true, I'm sure I've seen her several times just never followed through with the lunchtime browse "if I were to buy one of these dolls it would be....."

Well i did it, and she was only $20 (Australian) not quite a Kmart bargain, but Kmart didn't have her so there.
She is Clawdia Wolf from the Hauntlywood series. She is 19 so not one of the high school dolls. I think that makes her taller than most of the regular line, but it's looking most likely that I'll never find out because from observation she is the only doll in the whole line that is not pouting or cranky. Yes I  know they're monsters but if the dolls had looked more like their cartoon selves - they are smiling in  those  maybe I would have been more enticed.
Fortunately for Clawdia she looks better than her cartoon self.

Now do I look at an Ever After high doll?  I think only the relative of the Cheshire Cat is smiling. But it is a little creepy. Let's just say not yet. 

(Posted Monday November 9, been in draft since October 25. Still testing but I might have successfully added photos to a blog post..... Finally)

Blogging by phone

I think my PC was a little over worked. A photo album, a diary, a shopping centre, and a picture theatre, just some of the occupations on its CV, then there's the things I was plugging into it: mobile charger, portable hard drive, camera, printer, and it had a disk drive.  So for a while then (hopefully little) blogging will be by phone, one fat fingered letter at a time.
Hmm, hey Maddie, what if I dictate?

Hmmm adding picture attempt number 5,990

(Doing a little dance. We may now have pictures :-) 

Sunday, October 18, 2015

KISS concert October 12 2015

(warning: some really bad photography below, enter at your own risk)

Dear Diary, October 12 2015, oop no its now the 13th (we just got home and its past midnight).
So, we got to the venue, Newcastle Entertainment Centre, and were waiting out the front for a little while, Jason was parking the car, and Catherine was checking out the t-shirt stand.

There were quite a few other people with masks as well, there was even a man in full suit like Gene Simmons, he was getting pictures taken with other fans. Leonie said his tongue wasn't long enough, nor his boots big enough, but it was a good effort.

I thought I heard someone call out my name, I looked around but couldn't see anyone, I must have been imagining it.

But then I heard it again, Maddie? and it was louder this time.

I lifted my mask, to make sure I was seeing clearly, it was Andy!

Not quite sure what took over, but I ran over, and he ran toward me, and picked me up and swung me round

I didn't know you would be here, he said
I didn't know either until this morning, I replied.
 I was just over at the drinks line, he said. And Jordan's girlfriend comes up to us saying she had seen a same brand girl, hanging with some other brands, and I said I thought that was cool, considering my little brother is another brand, and then she says, guess what shes wearing, a Tiger mask, and I said  that's not quite a Kiss costume, but I did know someone who liked tigers, and well maybe they were auditioning to be a new band member, cos not all the band positions have necessarily worn the same mask for their position, like there's the fox and the cat and space man and what was the thing Vince wore? and like there was that time where they didn't wear masks at all, but then she says the girl is wearing a Lego tshirt, and I couldn't help but ..
You said my name out loud.
He laughed, Yes, I almost shouted it.
I heard it, well thought I did, and then you appeared, and well...
Here we are. 
I missed you, he said.
(hoh) and then Tauralie and Leonie came over.

I don't think he'd met either of them yet, so I introduced Andy to Leonie and Tauralie, and he complimented them on their masks. The Cat and The Fox, two sets of drums, he laughed. Leonie liking the fox face because of the fox, and Tauralie the cat face because she likes the drums. The Tiger? I just wasn't any of the others, so I made my own. Andy laughed when he noticed the tail I had pinned to my jeans. Leonie asked Andy which band member he liked,  

From his back pocket he produced the Demon mask. He thought the character seemed to have alot of fun, the fire breathing and the blood spitting, and the whole bat wing costume.

Two drummers and a demon

Yo, Andy! someone was coming over

I looked at them both, they were like almost identical.
Andy you have a twin?
They both laughed. No this is my cousin Jordan.
I'm way too much like my mum to be his brother, Jordan added.
And I'm too much like my dad, Andy said.  His dad and my mum are related though.
Andy's also a year, year and a half younger, aren't you little cuz? Jordan put his arm over Andy's shoulder and ruffled his hair. So you must be Maddie.
I've heard about you.
Like for the last 2 weeks, he's been talking about you non stop.
Andy laughed a little coyly.
So do you love him or his limousine?
Jordan laughed

 I think he might be wearing seven inch heels.
Oh, I laughed at the song reference. Andy's boots were high but not quite as high as Jordan was alluding to.
I introduced Jordan to Leonie and Tauralie, and he looked around for someone, I was gonna introduce you to Jenny, my girl, um, just a sec. He disappeared into the crowd, and returned with a rather reluctant looking BFC ink girl with blonde hair. This is my girlfriend, Jenny.
Jenny smiled cautiously, Hi.
Hello, I'm Maddie, Andy's friend from school. And these are my sisters Tauralie and Leonie.
Oh, hello, Andy was telling us about you this past fortnight, and your large mixed brand family. It was hard to tell whether she was just saying this or being critical. It must be difficult.
Actually, no, it is alot of fun, I said, and Tauralie and Leonie nodded.  Yes we have our differences, but there is also something similar about us that keeps us together. I was an only child at some point, but all I can remember of that time was that I was lonely. I smiled up at Andy, Andy will be part of a mixed brand family soon too.

I felt Andy squeeze my hand.

Ooh, looks like we're moving in, Jordan noticed. We'd better go find your parents Andy, they'll be wondering where we got to.
Do you know where you're sitting? Andy asked me.
Ah, no, Catherine's got our tickets and she's hmmmm, I shrugged.
Well then, I guess this is it. Hope you enjoy it.
I nodded.
Seeya tomorrow then I spose?
I smiled, and he let go of my hand and was gone

lost in the crowd.

We found Catherine and Jason waiting at the door and followed them inside, there was a definite buzz in the air, and the lights were starting to dim. Luckily the ushers had torches, and we were escorted to our aisle and row. Aisle 5 was to the right of stage (looking at it from the audience) and up the side, we were quite close to the stage, just up higher than it. Row Q, and I went in first to seat 44, the row from this Aisle started at 40.

No way, I heard a familiar voice and looked up.  

Andy? or is it Jordan? 
He laughed. He was walking in the same row.

Nope, 'tis me

See the boots, just in case.
I laughed, I love those boots.
What seat you in?
No way, well that's confusing and not and I don't care all at the same time. Looks like they skip the even aisles. I'm 45.
Cool, but you don't look it.
He laughed.

So have you been to concerts before? he asked.
Not live ones, this is my first.
Me too. I've only been to dead ones before, brains (he groaned like a goofy zombie). No, not really, I've seen concerts on DVD, so they were live at some point.
Me too, Jason's got a good collection, Judas Priest, Nightwish, Kiss, Rush, Ozzy Osborne and Black Sabbath, and other bands that Ronnie's been in.
Dio, Rainbow, oh, its such a shame he's gone.
And Freddy.
Yes, and Elvis
Elvis? and we both began to laugh, it was surprising to find someone think exactly the same thing.  So not just a Metal fan then?
There is alot of music that I like.
Me too.
Maybe we can swap some some time.
Or maybe we'd be just giving each other stuff we already have.
He laughed, You could be right.  Hey look there's a disco ball.

disco ball right of picture about a pinky from the edge and two pinkies down
I wonder if that's there on purpose, or leftovers from something else?

 I guess we'll see

the lights came on over the stage

So what do we do at a live concert?

Or a Dead one?

I think we get up and move as the beat dictates

The support act started at 7.30, Neither of us had heard of them before, but it was cool to watch the drummer twirl his sticks, he only dropped one once. When the band members were introduced, Jason was able to recognise most of them by name, and what bands he knew them from. I think he said Whitesnake a couple of times.

that band disbanded, and the stage started to be set up for the next gig

Oooh, Leonie and Tauralie had seen the band members sneak on stage

and it went black

there were screens either side of the stage, and it showed the band members leaving their dressing rooms to go on stage, Eric and Tommy, we weren't quick enough to photograph Gene


We were flooded with red light
the Kiss curtain fell

and the spectacle began, there was alot of fireworks, the first time I nearly jumped over the seats in front of me in fright, oh and there were flames shooting everywhere too, you could feel the heat from out seats

the songlist:

Detroit Rock City


Psycho Circus 

Creatures of the Night

I Love it Loud

War Machine
and Andy got his Gene Simmons breathing fire

Do You Love Me
I caught Andy's eye in this one and we sang it as loud as we could.

Hell or Hallelujah

Calling Dr Love

Lick it Up

God of Thunder
I think Gene Simmons had just spat blood and then flew up to a stage near the ceiling to do this one

Cold Gin

Paul Stanley was zip lined to a stage out in the back part of the audience, under the disco ball. The stage was elevated out of reach of the audience. And he sang Love Gun 

Love Gun
It think this one included the lights being shone on the Disco ball and the room was like looking at the universe.

Black Diamond

It seems it is tradition for metal bands to close the show, walk off and then do an encore. We were not disappointed. I'm pretty sure most of the crowd knew these songs and sang along


Shout it Out Loud

I was Made for Lovin You
(I forgot to count the do dos

Rock N Roll all Nite

the grand finale saw cannons of confetti being shot into the audience, lucky the air con was blowing it that way as well , cos they have he flame throwers at full ball as well. When the lights came on  it was liked it had snowed.

Kiss loves you Newcastle
and the music in the background
God gave rock n roll to you

That was so awesome, I said as I turned to Andy, once the noise had died down a little.
Totally, he agreed. I'm so glad you were here. What did you like?
There was everything, like fire and fireworks, and firebreathing.
He laughed, It must have been hot on stage, we could feel the heat from it up here. Lucky the aircon was on, or we'd have melted.
What about the songs?
There were some I knew really well and some I didn't
Me too, and laser beams, and disco balls, and anthems with candlelight. Hoh, you got the blood spitting.
Yes, lucky it was on the TV screen or I wouldn't have known it was going on, and then he flew up to the stage near the ceiling.

It was a hug, not a kiss.
I've got to go, he said. Jordan's got a seat on the midnight train, so we got to get him to the station.
Will I see you tomorrow at school?
I nodded, and Andy leant in and gave me a hug.
Seeya. It's a shame Shandi is a breakup song.


So Diary, we got home, and I don't think I can sleep.

but I do feel like opening this, hoh, I so forgot to thank Andy for Tiger Woman. hmmm, tomorrow, today I mean.


I think it will have to be "Go as Alice Cooper" day at school today, good thing is I won't need any makeup.
Good morning dear Diary