Sunday, April 26, 2015

After the Storm

This is so minor compared to the devastation that occurred in neighbouring towns, and even in other countries, like the recent earthquake in Nepal, and the Cyclone in Vanuatu. 

Pippa and Emily had been a little bit scared this week. Monday night we had had a very large storm, it was terrifying the noise of the wind, the pouring rain, and the cracking noise of the trees. We lost power Tuesday morning, and by midday had lost any telephone reception.
It had quietened a little by first light Tuesday morning, I went round the yard to check for damage, to see a tree branch had bounced off the side roof, cracking some tiles and tipping the toilet vent over - easy repair. I rounded the garage and there was a fallen tree, a good 10 metre tall one. It was a walk to the top of the driveway, to realise that it was more than just our yard that had been affected, a walk around the block, it wasn't just our street, a neighbour with a battery operated radio to find out that it was wide spread. We were very very fortunate by comparison. Large trees were down everywhere in our town, other areas had major flooding, and unfortunately people had lost their lives. News linklink 2

In our communities we have the Rural Fire Service and the NSW State Emergency Service. Ever since Tuesday morning these brave persons have been out assisting with the clean up with the electricity company.

Saturday morning, it was like nothing had happened, it was warm and sunny, the 4 inches of water that had been outside the front door was a damp patch that hadn't quite dried out; the power had been restored the night before, and telephone service was back online. I wanted to take the girls to see what had happened and the brilliant and tireless job the Services had been giving, most of the men and women in these Services are volunteers.

Emily with her sensible black boots, and Pippa with cowboy boots - the next nearest sensible shoes for going places possibly muddy and wet.

Hey Coconut, you stay, just in case its not safe for little dogs.

Behind the garage.
The tree that fell in our backyard, well whats left of it. The tree fell into the neighbours back yard missing their water tank and swimming pool fence by about a metre.  Our neighbour owns a chainsaw, and a fire place, and was very kind and chopped up the tree.

The Storm water drain.
A few streets away where the land is very low and flat is a wide storm water drain. This is the road that goes over the drain, the water level marker is the height above the road. There is no marker for the water depth itself, but it is at least another metre or so under the road.  Alot of debri  measuring  

The drain was not able to hold all the water, and it flows out onto the local football field

Theres a green strip just in front of the tree line, thats where the water should be

A modern problem with power outage is people needing to charge telephones and other devices. The petrol station in the next town over had a generator and was able to provide a power service for anyone needing a boost.

Massive trees snapped like a toothpick, these are at the local pony club field.

But it was like random

The local dam. The jetty floats where the shoreline should be. The Sign says "No food on water"

Putting these picnic tables out of service for a while

Power poles not where they should be

Power lines in trees

More shots of the drain

Including the answer to where the trampoline ended up under Brads Bridge Ferodale road

Amazingly most of the fallen trees missed houses in our area by mere trifles.  I did not photograph other peoples houses or yards, but this was the bus stop out front one of the schools in our town.

Each day is now filled with the whir of chainsaws. The streets are littered with branches and dirty water lines, but we are safe, and sheltered and very thankful.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Helped by a little Grace?

This post isn't really about dolls at all, but I thought it quite funny when I realised what I had used.
After, hmm, 6 months, probably longer, I finally got a Super, 18", lawnmower. I think the 18" is the cutting span, which meant the jungle that was my back yard (no pictures cos its embarrassing), the grass probably was at least 18" high, got a clipping.

Of course, it did not come without it's issues.  The mower is sold in a lovely big box, the buyer just needs to attach the catcher, the handle and the levers and pullchord to the handle.
And it was done (eventually) and looked good, until I pushed it out the garage, started it and the front wheel fell off. It was funny really, after I fixed it.

Under the gleaming silver hubcaps the wheel is connected to the axle with that piece of wire wedged in a groove.

The offending wheel - no wire.  Not so groovy.

So Whats the Grace bit?

Well, Grace Thomas (the American Girl doll) goes to Paris, and by coincidence Paris has been in trend in the Kmart stationery section

(its a paper clip in the shape of the Eiffel tower)

Ah, okay then (just nod and back away slowly)

ta da.

I mowed the front yard, a bit down the side, the driveway, a path round the turtle pond and from the backdoor down to the tree past the clothes line. So there, and the wheel is still on.
That was last Saturday.

Monday, April 20, 2015

The depths of Despair

Some very sad news, Jonathan Crombie passed away last week.
CBC News site. He was Gilbert Blythe, the beau from Anne of Green Gables.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Journey Girls this week

Lunch time Thursday was rather warm, the poor lizards are getting confused, do I hibernate, or do I bask, do I hibernate or do I bask...

Eastern Blue tongue lizard (yep blue tongue). We have some living in our house with different skin colour (Central (red) and Western (brown) and the odd pushmi-pullyu pinecone looking shingleback) this fella is a local wild in tones of grey. wiki

Of course I went to visit Toys'r'us (I paying off something, so I have to) and they had some more outfits, which will hopefully still be there in 6 weeks time. From the Italy release.
Love this, the basket looks like woven material, and the shoes...
Material red sandals. Maybe a little cheap looking - but New!
bad reflection


material black sandals

Jordana is so pretty

stylish, but haven't worked out what the handbag is doing (am not a fan of animal print)

red rubber shoes

Will need to check this one again next time I go, I think the top was white lace on white background (like lots) but  I can't remmber what the skirt was made of

pink rubber shoes

is mikaela brunette or blonde?

Saturday, April 11, 2015

A day at the Pictures, popcorn, chocolate, rice snacks, diet coke, oh and a movie

Does 1/2 price mean 1/2 a seat?
The girls were going to share a seat, but because their weight would not keep the seat down, and 

I wasn't going to hold them up for the entire 2 hours (the best view was from the top of the wall we sat behind)
The girls sat on the arms of the seat next to me instead, with Pudding almost sitting in the cupholder.

Snacks included sweet and salty popcorn (real stuff), chocolate bars (pretend)

And a mega sized drink of Diet Coke (in doll size anyway)

the other poster we found on the way to the toilet after the picture had finished.
I decided not to take any photos of that, or the picture itself.

So what did you think?
hoh, it was so good, can we go again next week?
Ha ha ha, oh, we'll see. What did you like best?
Hmmm, the blue ball gown was so pretty, and the bridal gown, and the sparkles in her hair, and that it turned out alright in the end, even though the Stepmother and the Kingsman plotted against her. 

Don't forget the fairy godmother, she was soo funny, and there was a cat, even though he wasn't a good guy, and how the pumpkin got smashed, and the horse with the big mouse ears, and the lizard coachman and the goose driver.

We did have a fun day. Maybe too much chocolate and caffiene.