Friday, June 29, 2012

Pen Pal ink

The Ink in BFC Ink: this year or was it last year, time flies, anyway, recently the line of Pen Pals arrived.  Now it kind of made sense possibly why INK was in the name, ie penpals writing to each other - does anyone do that anymore considering the speed of email etc etc?  Anyway I wasn't complaining, new dolls.  Whilst I love the new girls, the ones pictured on the box weren't exactly what was in the box, and one was left out altogether.  Top picture was found on Amazon; the bottom middle, the pics on the back of the box; and the other four, the girls that arrived at my place.
The Pen Pals, from left to right: Britt, Elsa, Carmen and Nicolette
became, middle left: Brooke-Lyn, Josephine, Eleanor
bottom left: Erika, and Ariah (pictured hugging Josephine who is wearing long blue pants)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

First blog

Thought I'd try my hand at blogging, it'll be particularly about the things that make me happy = dolls.  So here goes...
My current favourite doll is the BFC Ink line by MGA. Favourites come and go, when a company takes too long bringing out more in a line, I do start looking at others, and well that is how BFC Ink came to stay.  Mattel My Scene dolls were a big favourite of mine, they haven't gone exactly just put away for another time in boxes, suit cases, drawers, cupboards, oh no wait there's one, ahh, three, just decorating the shelves over there with other favourites from time gone by,  Barbie, Polly Pocket, Garfield, Trolls...other now nameless trinkets.
So BFC Ink.  I couldn't quite work out what the Ink bit was of the title, but that didn't matter. September 2010, whilst still recovering from the shock of a tree falling on my house, I was Ebaying (I love Ebay, except when there is nothing there, and then I start looking at others... hmm recurring trait?) for My Scene disappointingly, and I think I was viewing Bratz, also made by MGA, probably searched under MGA and found Addison

Addison was renamed Maddelyn.  Maddelyn arrived on September 28th 2010, from Herts in the UK.  Her arrival date and origin (of postage) became the precedent for the dolls birthdays and origins.  They've come to live with me, well because, um ideas have been contemplated for a boarding school, or they just happened to have moved to the neighbourhood, but not yet built on anything there yet - a work in progress we'll say.
Maddie was second hand but she did come with some of her original belongings, including the little shorts she is wearing in the above picture. There was also the outfit on the doll as per the below picture.  She became like a best friend to me, and I think she is my favourite.

So I'd like to introduce to everyone Maddelyn Foster, birthday September 28.  Maddie is a bit of a tomboy, loves her skate board, tigers, and lego figures, and her best friend Georgia.