Sunday, February 22, 2015

At Home with Hello Kitty, lets get organised

I decided to try and do things in an orderly manner, and work out what belonged where

 The photograph in the information brochure was used to start with


and the great big pile of what! Is! that?  To deal with later

At Home with Hello Kitty, a box of boxes, crowd control and a stair case.

At last my At Home with Hello Kitty collection is complete.
It felt odd doing anything with it until it was, other than actually putting the house together.
It meant that I could use it for storage whilst the collection grew, and also became a refuge for the Cabbage Patch Lil Sprouts that my BFC ink girls had given up in their big move else where (the cupboard of shame (mine not theirs)).
This choice resulting in...

  First job, to empty the house..
Alright you lot move it out..

The box of boxes

or rather, boxes of boxes and Lil Sprouts, I think they ended up in the box behind the other box.

Amongst the shamozzle we found Hello Kitty herself

The Lil' Sprouts nominated a representative, so these two will be showing you around and scale testing the items as we go.

hmm, excellent measuring there. We'll say Hello Kitty is about 2.5" and Lil Sprout lets say 5. (To be known as HK and LS from here, unless I forget). Here they stand on the top floor.

With the roof down and the girls standing at the window, already LS leads the way - she can actually see out of the window
Through the door way, HK fits with ease, and LS has no issue either.
This series offered the furniture, sometimes 1 2 3 pieces (ie a box or a bag of) per issue, along with a magazine of information, mostly about different houses from around the world, games and activities, and a sneak peek at what was to come with the next issue. With the Sixth delivery was to come the house itself (for free, sort of, you had to pay $20 for its delivery). Delivery meant 6 months after the the start, as it was delivered initially in 2 issue instalments per month, which was increased to 4 (maybe after realising it was going to take too long to do).
And the sneaky bit...

The stair case was the very last issue, so really I did have to wait for 65 issues, and 18 months to complete the collection to do anything with it.
Mostly because, smack bang in the middle of the house is a great whopping hole

But with staircase installed it is complete, and really I think if they'd given it us any earlier than the very end I would have cancelled my subscription once I had the building with stairs.  I do realise there is no staircase to the top floor, but with a great hole in the floor it would have been a rip off without a staircase.
So lets test those sneaky things..

Staircase installed, might end up having to glue this in. The upper storey banister has little sticky dots so its fine, the stair case is just sort of staying there, there is a tiny lip on the downstairs doorway to help keep it in place. Now whilst it looks like LS is travelling fine down the stairs, she is actually head butting the floor on the way down.

But still looks good. Her hair is helping her balance.

HK fits no problem, but the steps are so narrow, and she is quite heavy, she does a Jack and Jill and comes tumbling down. She is pictured here looking good, cos I've got my finger on her head.

And under the stairs, plenty of room for Harry Potter.


An Outfit from Kmart

I was kind of betting on the success of the Toys'r'us outfit being larger than an American Girl doll, despite sized for a smaller one, that the Kmart outfit for 35-40cm dolls would be just as good.

A head band of mint green ribbon with an elasticised section and thin tshirt material bow; a white tshirt with slightly gathered sleeves, and a mint green neck band, and a thin tshirt material double ruffled skirt also in mint green. The logo on the tshirt is of a cupcake labelling the wearer a "Cupcake cutie, so very sweet". Was this my chance to Grace up my dolls a bit?

T-shirt and head band looked okay, skirt unfortunately did not go all the way round the waist and was very short, too short to even turn into a pair of shorts by meeting the two side at the crotch.

And then, there was this, was it a bow or butterly wings? I know, one of them cupcakes that you chop part of the top off, cut it in half, blob on some cream and put the two halves back on top.
I wonder if the Journey Girls might be more successful... into the maybe pile.

The Making of Mariana - what to wear

In Happy Birthday Josefina, the book, we are introduced to her Friend Mariana. Mariana is a Pueblo Indian. Girls from the Pueblo families wore Manta's. A knee length one shoulder dress.

The Manta (the darker coloured piece of clothing) was worn from the right shoulder, her head is on backwards here.

But in the rest of the book appears to be on the right way

With the influence of the Missionaries the Pueblo Indian women wore camisa's under their Manta
I got her one. It's sleeves are shorter than the pictures in the book, but so are Josefina's.
Now she just needs a Manta and some deerskin shoes.


Miss Trinity: the postman does not come on Sundays

Look Pudding, there is one of those letter things that Catherine gets.

It even has a pretty picture in the corner


 I wonder whats inside
Oh look, its pretty ribbon

But where do the letters come from?
Pudding, I know theres a noise outside and Catherine almost obediently goes straight away. I think we should go and have a look. I'll just go get some shoes. 

are we disturbing you Albert?
I'm back, I thought I heard it rain before, so boots might be best.

Nnnh, boots are always hard to get on.

Oh thanks Pudd

Whoa, that did it.

Hey Spotty, we're going outside to find where letters come from.
Not there Pudd.

ooh, another kitty

Hello Wendy, we're going outside to see where Letters come from

Mmm it looks like it has rained alright

Come here Pudd and I'll carry you, so you don't get all mucky. We need to get you some shoes, hehehe, then you can be Pudd in Boots.
Yes I would like to go sploshing too, but I don't want to get my nice dress all muddy.

Phew it's a long way.

Bit thirsty, oh look Pudd, there's a bird bath, it looks like it has water in it.

Hmm, maybe not that thirsty after all.

Just a bit further. Look Pudd theres a box on a stick, and all the houses seem to have one.

Woo, look at that.

I wonder whats inside.
It's dark

Ooh, hehehehehe, Pudding
I wonder if I will fit?

Hmmm, not quite.  Hehehe, do I look like the lady in a Magicians box, about to be sawn in half Pudd?

Good view from up here, I wonder if we'll see where letters come from, from up here?

Hey Trin, whatcha doing?
Catherine!, just the human we wanted to see. Pudding was wanting to know where letters came from.
Oh well, you are actually sitting on a letter box. So when the mail man has something for us he'll ride up on his bike and put it in the slot.
Oh, cool. Then we're in the right spot Pudding, if we wait we might get some letters first.
Um, Trin. You might be waiting a while.
The Post Man doesn't come on Sundays.
What, oh no.

Well that was a waste of time. 

I do need to go down to the Supermarket, though, Trin, and there's a Post Office down there if you want to see another step in the getting of letters.
Yes. Sometimes all the Postie leaves is a little card, to say something is waiting for us there. That's in case the parcel is too big to fit in the box, or important that it needs to be signed for.
Oooooh. Like when I came, cos I didn't fit in the letter box.
That's right. Come down the car and we'll go take a look.
No, Pudding and I'll just wait here, you can pick us up on the way passed. It's too far to walk.

Hey Trin, hop in.

Now you have to put the seat belt on Pudding.

Just in case Catherine's a bad driver.

Ooooh, its a red one. Maybe we should get a box this big Catherine, us dolls would definitely fit in here.

Hahahahahahha, that's actually where you post the letters, so they get sent to other people. 

And big parcels you pull the handle and slide them in there.
Mm looks dangerous.

So Pudding and I will wait here for the the people who will send us letters, and then we'll get them first, so the Post man doesn't need to worry about dropping them at our place, and if the letter is reallly big we will already have it so we don't need a little card.
Hahahaha, most of our letters come from overseas, or too far away in Australia to be personally delivered. So there are big trucks and aeroplanes that the letters will go on to get here.

And then they arrive here at the Post Office for sorting.

Some people don't have a box at their place, so the post office has one for them on the wall.

Wow! Look at all them Pudding. Some people must only get little letters, and no dolls at all. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 99 100 ... oh, they already have numbers

They don't get their letters on Sunday either.
No, alot of Public Services are only available Monday to Friday, though this Post office is open Saturday morning, which is very useful. 
Hmm, I think when I grow up I want to be a Postman, so I don't have to work on weekends. Is that what you do Catherine?

What's this one for, it is the Fire Stations letter box?