Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Shoes of June

I did actually get some shoes in June
officially intended...

 Katie from Scotland

and Some unintentionally - when I bought some Our Generation outfits. They are a little roomy on a BFC ink gal - maybe some socks would have helped, and fit well with socks on Journey Girls Rachel. (Alana/Kyla)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Farewell to old Dollies for ever

I thought I'd say farewell to some of the dolls that have left recently via Ebay, to fund the screaming Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh from a few days ago, by posting some pics.
I had had them all in storage for quite some years (maybe 3 at least) and decided to honestly consider whether I really needed them. They were taking up some space, ie storage = 1/2 a room full of boxes, and I had not really interacted with them in ages. Some I hadn't even named, or remember who they were supposed to be, so it was time to go. 
If I saw them again for sale I'd maybe only buy Cabbage Patch Kids and the Chou Chou baby
Megara, Hercules, Megara, and 3 muses

A whole bunch of swim suited Barbie dolls (not necessarily their original intention)
Wee 3 Friends  (x7)

Moxie dolls

Madeline and company

4 cabbage patch kids, I do like CPK's but have decided that my BFC girls will do the collecting (for now)

Some Bratz

A Chou Chou Baby I called Caanan. He was so lovely, but I thought someone else would love him more and hopefully not keep him in a box.
Sindy Repro dolls from 2006

Moxie dolls

Dolls by Pauline
A Hopscotch Hill doll

Barbie as Rapunzel, and a Rapunzel doll as a result of the movie Tangled

Beautys and the Beast
Mulan, Mulan, John Smith, Pocahontas and her friend 
 Jane, Jane, Ariel, Eric, Jasmin and Snow White
My Scene Masquerade Madness Barbie - sold as a mannequin for that dress

A redheaded beauty sold as a mannequin for that dress
An Irish Princess (who's outfit had been stolen by the previous picture) sold as a mannequin for that outfit

My Scene Jammin in Jamaica, Jai and Tyson

So thanks guys for coming and going and when the Aaaaaahhhh is fulfilled, we'll see what they think as well.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Are we there yet?

No its not a road trip,
the frustration ? the envy ? hmmm both really
collecting dolls made by companies outside of Australia - ie all of them, has a bit of both for me. Its so nice to see what is available, the frustration is not being able to have them affordably, as they are only available by the grace of Amazon and Ebay - then theres the postage cost and the exchange rates. If Australian stores do actually get anything they rarely get all the variations (eg skin colour), or rarely get them at the same time as anywhere else in the world - and it kind of looks like we get whats leftover....


David Jones - posh department store had stocked some in the last year, and today I was in Kmart Australia and they had.....

Our Generation Dolls and Horses, and in my haste/wisdom I forgot to photograph the clothes, shoes and accessories.... but they were there and almost the above pictured size again for the picture I didn't take of those clothes and accessories and shoes, but I did buy my favourite bits...

aren't they pretty? and they've been stocked recently enough that no grubby paws have been on them yet (concern that the OG stuff ie dolls and dresses do not have a plastic cover so anyone can touch them (I know because I did))

and this cool set - I love the tartan bag. My BFC girlies all have computers already - compact mirrors with a screen print stuck over the glass, so who this is for other than me, I haven't decided yet.
Kmart were only charging $15 an outfit, and $8 for shoes or accessories - I almost bought the glasses set, and the purse set as well. I even went to two Kmarts (theres one near the supermarket I had to go on my way to work, and theres one near where I work, where I had to go because I had a lunch break and Toys R Us did not have anything new).
So eeee, and will post more pics when I try the outfits on, on my dolls, not me, silly.
So the "Are we There yet?" title..  have we caught up with the rest of the world,  no, but we're getting there.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, she runs screaming from the room

In some turn of madness I have dipped into the ocean of American Girl again !! (see February 2013). I've won an EBay auction for a Julie- historical character. She is second hand, but the pics seem to indicate she is almost in perfect condition - played with of course (hair might need some spritzing and need to see if can remove some colouring off her toe nails), and whilst I hate spending that kind of money on a doll, I sold some of my own Ebay listings and have been able to afford to. AND, but wait....
the doll actually comes with several almost complete Julie/AG outfits!! that would have cost including the doll brand new I reckon at least 3 times what I paid.
Any way, hhhhh, calm.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Karito Kids Lulu latest hair do

Mini World Doll supplies
wig style = Vicky
size 10-11"

It has two longer sections that a secured with yellow ribbons

I love the shiny curls

I changed the ribbons to red, and dressed her one of the formal dresses I've been trying to get for the Journey girls and Karito Kids. I hate ironing, will the creases just fall out?

gorgeous from every angle.

I'm happy with this hairstyle, for now.
I still haven't decided whether she is related to my Journey Girl or not, or whether to change her name.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What the craft room did

Doo dup (jaws stalking music)

Dooo Dup

dooo dup dooo dup

One room undergoing makeover.
the big paint off will not be for some time, but in the meantime, I've shelved the cupboard (no close inspections allowed).  The odd paint job on the shelves themselves will be covered over at some point- they are what is left of my once Barbie pantry cupboard house.

In the massive clean out - like I knew that I had it, I rediscovered my Barbie Camper bought A few years ago at a Market.  Craft room will take the blame for the makeover already attempted (the flowers and the stripe).  The structure is pretty sound, the red and orange furniture (cringe) and shower wall need some work done.  I had, I mean the craftroom had tried wood grain contact for the flooring and the shower but (fortunately) it peels off easily - already relieved the shower of its sticky imprisonment.

Hello Kitty's house now has space to breathe as well, might paint the panel behind it all blue (sky) or trees or something, and the chest of drawers hide all manner of evil, but the bottom drawer at least has been emptied for the Barbie clothes I plan to keep.

BFC ink Boho Chic outfit

YAY, I got some birthday money, and have bought the BFC ink Boho Chic outfit.

whilst the promo pics are always far better than the actual product (textures of material used for eg the jacket and the bag), yay I have it now.  Ooh must do a better post of BFC ink outfits. Am missing Bright and Beautiful (orange sundress)
Festive and Fashionable (velvet dress - that is gorgeous and I think it was in the series that had actual fabric shoes)
and Pajama Pretty (Pjs with furry slippers)

I have these - Pretty and Preppy (left) and Casual Cool (right)

Despite the low temperatures Maddie agreed to model the outfit for me. Top - the straps are lace like that around the top and bottom hem. The skirt is ruffled.
Brrr hurry up Catherine

With bag

With Jacket (hmm either skirt very short or jacket very long, and hard plastic shoes

yep jacket longer than skirt

Ahhh Catherine whatcha doing?

Much better, she let me wear stockings, ugg boots and a scarf - and to go back inside my room.
Hey was the swimsuit for a reason?