Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Journey Girls new stuff (and BFC ink trying them on)

This is Mikayla. (aka Kelsey) she is here wearing an Ebay outfit (the green frill at the bottom is actually attached to a white under dress/petticoat, very nice.

here she is in the Journey girls Sleepover Set Pyjama's, and fluffy slippers
This is BFC ink Gillian (Boxname Gianna) wearing the same outfit.  The Journey girls things do fit BFC ink, though are often a little more roomy

Mikayla in the JOurney Girls plaid skirt outfit, it came with stockings, shoes, shirt with gauze bow, a beret and a little plaid purse.
The beret is a bit too big, but can be balanced, the stockings are perfect, shoes too big, and the embellishments on the skirt are hidden unless the shirt is tucked in. Still like it on Gillian though.

Black leggings a white tank top, and overcoat with belt and the softest black faux fur collar, with matching boots, and a little red purse
The BFC girls may have their eye on this

the jacket did not come up so well in the picture, but it is lace 3/4 sleeves with the body of it having a cream under layer. A long orange tank top, jeans, brown shoes and shoulder bag, and a head band in orange with a cream lace bow. Looks like they are using up the material used in Kyla's meet outfit.


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Things in the works

some quick shots with my phone this morning...
*BFC ink Xmas
Xmas is Georgia's favourite time of year, and well has her Xmas collection out all year. There's a shop in Newcastle called Forever Xmas, they're open all year round, she can't wait to go.   She recently bought herself a nightie (altered child t-shirt). She is hoping to start decorating the Xmas tree December 1st, confession, she snuck the tree in the common room about a month ago - for sizing, of course.

*BFC ink Dollhouse.
My dollhouse is coming along, definitely a work in progress, need to work out how to get the walls of the stable to stay on the walls, amongst other things, but here are some sneak peek shots.

top floor, was storage, but my girl Lauren needed an outdoor spot (she's a backpacker, a camping one) so it has trees, plan to get some faux grass to improve the scene.
3rd floor, is the boys room, Brandon trying out the space for desk and chair. Still need mattresses and bedding, and a light that will stick and stay (for alot of the rooms).
2nd floor is my horse enthusiast Vicki and Chloe.
Ground Floor is the stable, yes they're wearing hats, I put them there whilst tidying up one day and haven't got around to fixing that bit yet.
this is the built in wardrobe
Top floor is where the Journey Girls hang out. They're minding my Cabbage Patch Kid ponies and a bag that will hopefully be going on a holiday in 12 months time.
3rd floor, is Ashleigh's room. Ashleigh was a 2nd hand doll with very unstable ankles. She has to use her wheelchair most days, but can hobble about on her crutches occasionally, when she's feeling strong enough.  She's over at the stable at the moment actually, laughing at a hatted horse.
2nd floor is the beach and boat themed room. Erika and Leisel are chilling out on their hammocks at the moment, will get a better picture of them, they're on the left, blocked from view of course.
Ground floor, Abigail and Shanan's room. As it is the ground floor they get the advantage of a courtyard, so have an outdoor setting.  The box in the corner is seeing if it is suitable to convert to a table, needed for something Shanan is getting for Xmas (shhh).
And the large structure that takes up the wall...
Top floor, has a garden balcony.
3rd floor, Indigo and Jackson are playing cards, Georgia showing off her new nightie, and Maddie, just sitting, waiting to go for a walk.  Found some baby My First Soccer Balls, at the supermarket, took the bell out of them and they're comfy seats to use around the card table.
2nd floor is dedicated to pink, mostly anyway. Gillian is the big pink fan. Jaime's favourite colour is red.  They're both wearing new dresses from Opshop converts.
Ground Floor is the kitchen/dining room.

The otherside.
Top floor, is the princess room, with ensuite. The canopy beds from Disney Princess and Me came with a cardboard mattress - disappointing, but I think I've worked out what to do with that, just need another pillowcase.
3rd Floor, is my Stripey room. It is still in the think mode, as it needs to cater for a traveller, a book worm, a ballet dancer, a mathematician, a tapdancer and a Garfield enthusiast.
2nd floor we have the toyroom. Storage is an issue. The big white cupboard is visiting to see if it can assist, but that in itself is part of the problem cos its too big. The girls may need to consider that some of their stuff may just not fit in their room, collections of elephant, Hello Kitty, teddy bears, cabbage patch kids, and well Xmas is just around the corner.
Ground floor is the common room, a currently holds an oversized bean bag, wicker furniture, the Xmas Tree, a book case, a pool table, and the cat jungle gym, ooh, a fish tank, a garbage bin ....

*BFC ink Doll clothes.
I recently went to the Salvos shop, they had fill a bag of kids clothes for $5!!, wow. I got two, and am in the progress of converting them into dolly clothes. Its nice to have a new outfit for summer/xmas.

*Journey Girl Doll clothes.
the JG girls come out of the cupboard every so often. They heard a new girl might be coming soon and so wanted to wear something new themselves.

New girl?  :o)  watch this space.