Sunday, September 27, 2015

A Pirate Ship

Did you girls just see Andy Cumberland leaving our house?
He was helping us with our Pirate ship

Ooh, a Pirate ship

And Maddie likes Andy

We're just friends, or trying to be, I guess.

Sombrita don't eat the pirate ship
Pirate captain, pegleg and a hook

look at the range of pieces

this fits over and can be removed from the captains cabin

the ships wheel turns

the cannon rotates

anchors away

cabin boy and cook

the masts go up

and up

So where's it gonna go?

About a boy, and a Pirate ship

Dear Diary
September 19 was International Talk like a Pirate day. As you know Miriam is the keen Pirate, or rather Captain, Captain Bloody Morgan Bonney to be precise, she said she got the name off of a website after answering certain piratical questions. To celebrate the day, Catherine said she had something special for us to do, and we were keen to start but Miriam went missing.

I found her in the front room

Whatcha doing Captain?

Oh, just waiting.

Waiting for Andy!

You came? (what a dum thing to say)
Yep, it's me.

I snorted, Ah! I snorted! but I couldn't help it, I was trying not to laugh.
What are you wearing? I asked.
The Captain said it was Come Like A Pirate Day.
Miriam was giggling in the corner. I confess I did. It's talk like a pirate day, but the dressup looks like half the fun. We'll have to do that next year.

A bit of friendly shove.

Wow. Miriam showed Andy her new decal. I like it. I'm gonna have to do something to mine.

Catherine came, and met Andy. I think she liked him, and she mentioned something about his mum and dad, and their family intentions. And Andy said he had better go by 3.30 as they were off for another meeting, Catherine would keep an eye on the time for us.

And Llewellyn came down as well. Andy complemented her on her head band.

So it worked out that the surprise was a Lego Pirate Ship, it was the Lego ship we'd seen in the Toyshop the other day.  The Brick Bounty.

Wow - I think it was a 4 way exclamation.

What's this 7-14 thing?

Andy reckons it means there needs to be at least 7 to 14 people to help put it together, we all laughed, I'm pretty sure he is 15, so I hope he didn't feel silly building something not intended for his age group.

Bags of bits

Sails and instructions

A bit unpicker

Putting together some soldiers.

Oh Chomp
I need the alligator
Llewellyn got Andy to help her with the spare parts chest.

She brought back the alligator.

And while Miriam started the building, Andy and I started on the How Pirates Really Work, book.

It had a really good lot of information.

The Captain of the Soldiers looked terrified.

With good reason.

Serious face. (The two faces on the one head, the other hides under the hair - cool minifigures).

more things to shoot with, but not to shoot at yellow heads

you doighty rat

canon hole covers


under the hull we fitted smooth circular pieces, it helped the ship glide over the carpet

Andy noticed the figurehead for the front of the ship, a skeleton, now thats cool.

there were even some spare bones for the treasure chest

that hid under the captains cabin floor



Andy and I helped build up the captains cabin.

slanted windows

that open for Soldiers to climb in to escape sharks and alligators

3.30 seemed to come round so fast, and we had probably 1/2 of the ship still to build.

Thanks for coming Andy, Miriam and Llewellyn chorused, they were so embarrassing.
That was great girls. I'd love to see it when it's all done.
I might be able to get a picture for you, I offered.
Or come over again, Miriam piped up, to see it in person.
Andy grinned, Will do. And then he looked right at me and said, Hopefully see you Monday, if not before.

And he was gone.

You girls, I giggled.
Oooh, Llewellyn teased. He's really nice.
I know.

And then she tells me, that when she went upstairs to get the chest and the alligator

that she made Andy come up to help her

and that he really liked her bicycle

but that also he noticed our photo booth pics from Hawaii, and she told him a little bit about our holiday, and that I really liked Tigers

and that it was your birthday on the 28th

So Maddie, Llewellyn took my arm. When are you getting married?
and Miriam took my other arm and they both started humming here comes the bride as we walked back to our room. Sisters, oh my goodness.