Tuesday, August 21, 2012

....and then there were five

The wishlist has again been partly fulfilled.  A fortnight ago I had been in Toys'r'us and Dana and Meredith from the TRU brand Journey Girls were there, with Taryn, Kelsey and Callie, but the $$$ limit prevented them from joining the party, at the time.
Yesterday I ventured out again and brought them home, with an outfit that included pink floral rainboots. 
I also discovered why I've seen "Alana" named "Kyla".....

The brown haired brown eyed beauty second from the left goes by two names, here she is Alana (as per Kelsey's box) and here....

she is Kyla (Meredith's box).
Personally I prefer the name Alana, but I intend to rename all the girls anyway, so it does not really matter. (If the TRU website calls her Kyla is it so?, still prefer Alana).

I have not abandoned BFC Ink, just spread my wings a little.  Beside, I think Dana and McKinley are going to get along like crackers in a box.

Is Callie of Asian or Eskimo descent?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Confessions from a Wishlist

Whilst BFC ink is my current primary collection, I do have a Wishlist of dolls I would contemplate buying some day if the desire was great enough to fulfill. I do look at other dolls, their websites and blogs dedicated to them mostly for their accessories, clothing and furniture and how I might be able to use it for my BFC family.
Today whilst minding my own business, ... well actually, I went to Toys'r'us today to look at the Journey Girls.  I did think to maybe fulfill part of my wishlist of a doll, knowing that I had been able to talk myself out of it up until now, and to fall back on buying the loft bed and some of their fashions I had seen a few weeks ago.  The bed would be perfect for my growing BFC family, and the fashions sometimes just needing a little adjustment also fit the BFC girls ........

Strapless Onesey, headphones and Sandals

Two singlet tops, leggings, shoes, scarf and cap

 It was not my fault if the bed and clothes were not there. 
no Toysrus do not sell Emu chicks

one of the nearby volunteer nature rescuers has this little guy in their spare bedroom (orphaned unfortunately), and was on the camera with....

We now have Taryn (curly hair) Callie (straight black hair) and Kelsey (is that auburn?) staying over (names due to be changed)!!!  Taryn and Callie appear to be an older release and were on special, Kelsey was just gorgeous and was my first choice but did not want to be alone (don't tell the other two that they may have been replaced if the bed and fashions were there). Meredith and Dana were there also but were not on special, they may come later.
! Hmmm :-o   could it be that Journey Girls in Australia will soon be disappearing?  I do seem to buy and become interested in things just as they are going off the market/being discontinued  (have belief BFC ink has been ousted, and my previous interest My Scene (smiley faces)).  Shhh, everything will be alright, it might in fact be your saving, considering the Ebay blow out you had with My Scene and the near to busting room of boxed former favourites, played with ones that is not New in Box.
Welcome girls.... wishlist partially fulfilled.

I decided to leave the Emu there for no particular reason.