Sunday, August 11, 2013

Its starting to feel alot like Spring.

With the temperature getting in the early 20's (degrees Celsius, 70 something I think in the Fahrenheit), and cloud free, it is lovely to go outside and sit in the sun on the rug again, or walk around the yard to find the early spring blooms (or are they late winters?)

Zoe with her Cabbage Patch Kids
joined by Hayley and her CPKs
There was room enough even for the Denaham twins, Loralie and Rose
A daffodil

Abigail loves yellow and the garden

Wattle in full bloom
Kaitlyn spies the handy work of a bower bird, blue plastic, blue string, even a blue knuckle toy, I'm sure the girl bird will be very impressed

Gillian admiring the pink
Kaitlyn sampling the perfume


There is a turtle pond in there - hmm looks like Spring brings jobs - NOOOOOO, let me hibernate a little longer.

Sunday, August 4, 2013


In their enthusiasm over the spaces almost being complete the girls, and boys thought they'd start moving their stuff in -- hey wait a minute the floorings not done and I still don't have beds made...
this is 3rd floor (over the stables), for Brandon and Jackson. Their visitors from left Gillian, Loralie (getting a new hair do) and Jaime watching the removalists deliver their stuff from storage, a bit early.

Vicki and Chloe are trialling the new bunk bed found for $20, not overly keen on the colour and whilst advertised for 18" dolls is a little too short for my liking.

Ashleighs room, still waiting on wall decorating is in the builtin wardrobe. She has a wheelchair and crutches  and needed a room to herself, but visitors are more than welcome.

 Builtin 2nd Floor: Sea theme, still in progress, but the hammocks came out quite well ( from half a pillow case). Leisel is quite impressed, her roommate Erika is at the beach at the moment and will be surprised and pleased we are shore (sure). Yuri and Callie can't wait for their room to be ready and their stuff has arrived already.

Ground floor Builtin, Shanan and Abigail just finished the Bee jigsaw and are thinking of mounting it.

The Princess room.

The Princess bathroom.

A Dining table waiting for its legs.


Teddy Bears


Red White and Black.

Dollhouse progress

 My BFC ink house is coming along.....

This is ground floor Common room: pool table will be here, and maybe some lounges and a TV.
Found Linoleum tiles at the hardware, these were wood floor boards, and have been repeated in a few of the rooms.
This is the 2nd Floor: it is going to be the doll room, ie the bedroom for the girls who still love dols and other toys.
Chloe and Vicki - horse enthusiasts are just visiting - good view of their own room and stables.
Hayley and Zoe to the far left, this will be their room, to share with Ellie, Brooke-Lyn, Rose and Loralie. 
3rd Floor: possibly for the cat lovers Josephine and Ariah, the mathematicians Yuri and Callie, and booklover photographers Richelle and Juliette.
4th Floor: for a little bit of princess Melody and Harmony, includes a bathroom
Vicki and Chloe's room over the stables

The Kitchen and Dining Room

Gillian checking the size of the Our Generation Kitchen (she loves pink so was very happy). This kitchen was much better scaling than the Casdon appliances that I was using , though maybe a little smaller than a I expected.

4th Floor: the other room on the 4th Floor is for McKinley and Kaitlyn, just needs more storage, a chair for the desk...

and for the verandeh some hanging pots for the verandeh, and an outdoor table .
Their room is closest to completion.