Sunday, June 16, 2013

Some BFC ink outfits

Yay!!! quite a while ago advertised some new BFC ink outfits. I jumped at the opportunity then, but only managed to get 2 of the 4 available, but my forever checking paid off and now .....

Party Pretty (Melody)
A Short puffy skirt dress, with yellow sleeves, matching 1/2 sleeve jacket, clutch purse and shoes.
This is new to my collection
Fun in the Sun (Shanan)
Tshirt, shorts, shoulder bag and shoes,
this is new to my collection
Soccer Style 
The makings of a soccer team, long socks, sneakers, shorts and shirt.
Georgia (in the middle) had gotten hers for Xmas, Indigo (left) and Maddie (right) are new
Spring Showers (Ariah)
3/4 pants, gumboots, shirt, and rain coat with hood.
The end of financial year toy sales are coming soon (end of June) and whilst I do have a look since my move from Barbie to BFC I have not really benefitted from the event (not to worry, as there is Ebay). This year though Kmart had these 18" dolls, and so far from my experience the size has rarely turned up anywhere (exceptions of course, but few and far between and not current)...


Which is no biggy in itself, as they don't really interest me, they look a little bit like Journey Girls, but I like the JGs better, but they did have Fashions!!! and a Wardrobe!!!
Whilst a little bit baggy, they fit BFC's !!!!  They were only $7 each, and the wardrobe which I did not find on Saturday - but was in the catalogue, only $20 and very very tempting.
From left: Tropical - hat, tshirt, shorts, sandals, handbag and pink hair clips and slides
Cute Casual - 3/4 pants, sneakers, tshirt, red love heart glasses, and white short sleeve hoodie
Frilly day - dress with white bodice, 3 tiered red and white skirt, red cap, red sneakers and a cotton denim jacket
Rain Play - long black pant, striped long sleeve tshirt, pink gumboots and pink overcoat
I can pick at them a little bit, (eg the 3/4 and long pants and the overcoat feel like they're made out of the furry side of velcro, the dress is a little bit too short, the sneakers a bit big) but to actually find something that fits my girls when they are not made for my girls is just exciting and I dont care. There were 2 other outfits for possible future purchase I think it was a disco dress and pyjamas.
So anywho, yay.

Friday, June 7, 2013

My BFCs are famous

Well I like to think so..
They are now for the whole world to see on the Thursday Throwback on Doll diaries :o)

(I'm chuffed anyway - proud parent moment I guess)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Book Worm

Before Midnight: a retelling of the Cinderella story - hmmm, I prefer the whole Cinderella incognito thing and the prince finding her.  It was only vaguely touched on in the book. It was more about the boy her father had stolen when he was a child - who turned out to be the Princes identical elder twin; the stepmother and sisters being part of Cindies estranged fathers plot to depose the king, and well, eh...

Stephen King time...  Juliette and I are reading The Shining.  Stephen King is putting out the sequel later this year - I think its called Doctor Sleep, and is a followup on the young boy, Danny, who is one of the main characters from the The Shining. It seems to be about a haunted hotel that gets cutoff from the rest of creation during Winter, and its affect on alcoholics, oh and a little boy who can read  minds.
I remember only the Simpsons Episode where this novel was taken on - oh sorry echm, The Shinning.  Ooh and The Black Sabbath lyrics
Black Sabbath The Shining found on

The Shining
There's a man who sees all there is to see
What the future holds for all
As the days grow dark with the grim and final warning
Beware of the ones with invisible friends
They will steal into your mind
And all too soon the signs begin to show
Rise up to the shining Live long live now
Rise up to the shining Don't be blind by fools again
Fools again

As the pages turn and the story's told
From the visions he's seen
The house on the hill
With the haunted eyes that call
Noone laughed as madness came out
To play it's game
If you stay too long you'll finally go insane

Rise up to the shining
Live long live now
Rise up to the shining
Don't be blind by fools again
Fools again

Bells will take their toll
On your way
There's no way we're born to shine
Before our time, all your life
You're on your own
Lonely road
Lost in a time
Let the light lead your way
To the golden throne
It's the only way

Rise up to the shining
Live long live now
Rise up to the shining
Don't be blind by fools again
Rise up to the shining
Live long live now
Rise up the shining
Don't be blind by fools again

Oh rise up, to the shining
Wise up they're gonna steal your mind
Rise up, the house is gonna haunt you
No one laughed, no one cried
You stayed too long
You're finally gonna stay

A new house in the works

I'm attempting to undertake a house for my BFCs. It is approx 2.10m high, 3m wide and 80cm deep!!
It is a little daunting and space consuming.  Some days I feel a little overwhelmed and clautraphobic almost, but it is in progress. It almost takes up a 3rd of my room.  I might need to remove the door - (ah - no, I don't think so).
Realising that I am very short on furniture - what a shame - might have to make some or buy some.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Doll Diaries Throwback Thursday 6/6/2013

Hoh, one of my favourite weekly reads is the postings at Doll Diaries. Thursday just gone they announced next Thursdays Throwback would be for the retired  :-(
BFC ink girls, and to submit photos read me .
Ahhh - how exciting.  I started to photograph my crowd again yesterday, hmm needs a bit of work, and well with a limit of 5!!! who, how, what ...

Doll Diaries may primarily be about American Girl dolls (in my opinion), but they have such good ideas that can be adjusted to almost any doll.

These are the pics I submitted, I hope they get included..

Maddelyn, Shanan, Kaitlyn, Abigail

Juliette, McKinley, Callie

Melody, Georgia, Zoe, Vicki, Ashleigh, Harmony, Brandon
Indigo, Jackson, Hayley, Jaime, Yuri, Gillian

Richelle, Chloe, Leisel, Charlise

Erika, Ariah, Brooke-Lyn
Josephine, Eleanor

The Book Worm

Inspired by the dolls of Beastsbelle at tessandmaggiesblog, my BFC Ink girls have formed a book club, they've called "The Book Worm".  It is probably in particular due to Juliette's nickname.  She is the biggest reader of all my dolls. The original version of Calista, came with a Book Worm t-shirt, and I managed to get a 2nd hand one, who was only too willing to give up the shirt for Juliette, as she prefered other things like lava lamps and dreamcatchers.

To keep up with the club I am also reading the book or books of the month, and will attempt to write a little bit about what the club discussed.

Book for May 2013:  Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell:
Before reading it the only thing I knew about it: girl called Scarlett, a green and white summer dress, and she makes a green dress out of curtains (which I associate with Maria and the Vontrapp kids in the Sound of Music).
Whilst reading it: *a little bit bored by the war manouevres, but the other part of the history lesson has opened my eyes some, about the actual reason for the civil war, and the Klu Klux Klan
*not impressed by the character of Scarlett, she is so selfish.

Not Long to go and hope to start on a Stephen King novel

Juliette:  The Book Worm president
birthday May 15th

Time flies when you're reading a good book, the above post was started a week ago, Juliette finished Gone With the Wind (-tempted to watch the movie, don't intend to ever read it again, curious on the sequel "Scarlett" but not too curious). 
Juliette came to me from Greenwood Maine USA, and maybe that influences her a little when her prefered author is Stephen King (who is in Bangor Maine). Anyway so since finally finishing GWtW, Stephen King's Carrie has flown by, and she is now reading  "Before Midnight, a retelling of Cinderella" By Cameron Dokey.

Carrie was about a young girl who had telekinetic powers.  Unfortunately her very strict upbringing by her religious mother, and the differences noticed in her by her peers because of this resulted in her having a very unhappy childhood, to the point where she sought revenge and wiped out the majority of her graduating year at school and half the town.  Juliette had seen the shorts to the remake of the movie, and needed a refresher. The movie is hopefully out later this year.
Stephen King just somehow gets me hooked when I start his novels, some are gruesome but I guess that speaks to some deep down dark side I have (keep your eye on me and back away slowly), some I know I did not quite finish, but they are still there in the growing pile (of his works, not the unread)and I can come back and start again later.

I'm trying to read a different author between Stephen Kings. I am tempted to go back over the Song of Fire and Ice by George RR Martin (if only he'd publish the missing ones).
Cinderella is a favourite fairy tale of mine and alot of my BFC girls so it was great to find another version of this.  The same series of books "Once Upon A Time" appears to have a rewrite of a number of other fairytales, and possibly will be added to the read list at some point in the future.

Happy Reading...