Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Two little Aussie Girls get some shoes

Australian Girl feet are bigger than American Girl feet, so the sharing of shoes, or rather not being able to share shoes has been a bit of a disappointment. I am still hunting, but thought to try these soft New born baby shoes

with socks they fit alright, with room to move. Being soft shoes they aren't much good for stomping around the back yard and puddles with but they are ok for house shoes. It is a button buckle.

Matilda is wearing a thicker footed outfit, and the shoes fit over this

Both girls are wearing human baby outfits. There doesn't really seem to be consistency with baby sizing, or what it means by 0000 (Matilda's purple onesie) or 0-3 months (Emily's pink jumper) (I do not have a human child or dressed one for that matter, so my experience is non existent). I Op Shop for baby clothes, and usually aim for something very small, or with elastic, or things that look like they can be resized. The outfits on the girls here are too big, but were way too cute to walk past. Talking of sizing have you ever bought a pair of adult human pants and it has bust measurements on it? Like how high do they think I'm going to wear them?

A Barbie inspired crochet challenge

Whilst I have given up alot of my Barbie wardrobe, this is one thing I've held onto.

It is a little cardigan I think was part of the Generation Girl collection. It even has tiny little buttons (but no corresponding button holes - but thats ok)

Tzeitel was keen to see if she could reproduce it 

the bag of wool

hmmm, it's a little darker than the original

we'll need to get some pink
the challenge was to crochet with two colours without having to cut off and tie on everytime the colour changed, we'll see how it goes.  I'm thinking I should have got another blue ball

American Girl Hairstyles

This hair style was in the May 2015 American Girl Catalogue
and just looks really good. American Girl stores do not exist in Australia. I googled and while waterfall hairstyles have been around for a while, it was the first time I'd seen it, I watched this You Tube DIY Faux Waterfall Headband | Cute Girls Hairstyles to get a gist on how it is done

and tried it on Josefina

I need more hands or clips or something to keep the tension

so tried it again

kind of happy, I might have made too many twists between the falls
but practice will make it better

Cute Girls Hairstyles have lots of very pretty styles to play with

Our Generation a Butterfly Moment

Very pretty Spring outfit
Pale pink singlet top, pale lemon tiered skirt, flowered head band, sandals, net and bottle

a little blue butterfly on a flower. The black wire handle, is a black wire handle. The lid didn't come off when I tried

Testing the outfit is Mariana

The butterfly moment - will the sandals fit without traumatising the test subject?
There is no velcro, or buckle, or laces. 

Try the outfit on first (perfect fit by the way)
the skirt has an elastic waist, the singlet has velcro up the back, the head band is black elastic

ok, lets try those sandals


we decided to carefully stretch the green strap just a little. The bulk of the stockings might have been part of the problem

so we tried them on without (still giving the green strap a little stretch first)

Unfortunately the only flying bugs we have around at the moment are mosquitoes, nasty little things. Hmm maybe the sandals will come in handy there.

Even Lambs dream of Unicorns

Build A Bear Buddy Unicorn Onesie

Sunday, June 28, 2015

About a bed

the good thing about having a house inside your house is that you can rearrange it how and whenever you like, without needing to seek council approval. This room has a very high ceiling and so it has been perfect for 
a stable

a pool room

and now for the less dramatic
a Journey Girls Loft bed
"Journey Girls Wooden Bedroom Set"

there are lots of bits, all are stickered A to W, and the hardware 1 to 3

Possible candidates for the new bed.

All the parts were in their own little bags, to prevent scratching, any spare space inside the original box was filled with styrofoam. Again appreciate packing material for later use.

I tried to be organised whilst doing this and set everything out a to w before I started


You do need a Phillips head screw driver, it does not come with the set

The chair was very easy, each of the legs screw into the base, the back requires two dowels and one screw. (It took a little getting used to the screws dowels and plastic caps being number 1 2 and 3, and not meaning that you use that number of items)

Ta da

There is a chair under there

and her feet are off the ground

The next step was to create the vanity. There is a piece with a mirror attached. I was concerned that its reflection surface was very fuzzy and it  appeared to be severely scratched.

however, it had a plastic coat and the surface was actually undamaged.

This is Mari seated at the finished vanity, and its not just the hat over her eyes that are preventing her from using the mirror - I presume you usually want to be able to see your face, but then navel gazing isn't unheard of

get down lower


sit on the floor then. There was a floor rug included, maybe that is what it was for.

The next step was the book case

In my opinion you could have had the book case and the vanity as stand alone pieces. The bed frame once put together was stable on it's own, yes it looks like a giraffe, but still works

Unfortunately for American Girls, it is just not quite tall enough to fit under whilst standing

the clearance is only 17.5"

The bed itself is definitely long enough. Mari's head is smooched right up to the end, leaving a good bit of space to the foot board, so she can unsmooch and be more comfortable 

The bed width, I would have liked it wider than a mummy's coffin for the American Girls. Kit's bed - the catalogue I have that existed in November 2014, her bed is 9" wide, but her mattress sits ontop of the bed, the JG bed here has sides. 

plenty of room, what are you complaining about?

With the table and book case installed (and the funny chunky wooden lap top and wide screen tv)

stickers, cardboard inserts, and some left over hardware
I thought I had been swindled a screw, but it had gone for a little adventure down the side of my lounge, how I don't know, I think I ended up with one leftover dowel, so we'll see what happens and if there is any accidents from this 

Soft furnishing- a bean bag chair

it really is under there

I've always imagined bean bags to be bigger, but I guess if you're already space challenged to be needing a loft bed, then a bean bag chair just big enough for your butt is perfect

the iddy biddy narrow ladder


is shorter than the bed space

the fluffy rug

the doonah

and two pillows (Barbie sized I reckon, I like to have a pillow at least as big as my head, and bigger - more impact for pillow fights)



so who gets the bed?
still deciding
also realised when trying to fit Mari, in bed, into the room, that the doonah over her face is a good idea - nose protection. and getting out of bed might be tricky as there was very little clearance to the ceiling - oh and the ladder had been taken off (it does hook over the edge of the bed quite well, so that one was my fault)