Friday, December 28, 2012

And we can relax, Xmas is over....

Xmas in Australia can get rather hot - its in Summer and the preceeding week had had temps in the 30's (Celsius)  (over 85 degrees Farenheit), but it didn't, it was rainy and the neighbourhood was peaceful (cos the rain prevented people from playing with their xmas presents eg motorbikes etc).

I packed up the girls blowup swimming pool (still trying to work out what I can use for water, without using water), and started the process of gift giving.  I wanted to photograph it and with 26 (confession of an obsessed) people (dolls is people) it was going to take some time.  I finished early yesterday, December 27.
So nearly all the presents intended for Xmas arrived in time, some of the crowd have "Vouchers" for their missing gifts, (hopefully delayed rather than missing).

All the girls were dressed nicely, and each person had a couple of shots taken near the Xmas tree, and well my attempts to do a collage failed miserably so just a shot or two will appear here.

Merry Xmas everyone, and happy new year.

Georgia is still holding onto the Xmas tree in her room just a little longer. No don't go..

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Outfits for Xmas

I thought for Xmas I would try to give as many of everyone that I could a new outfit, on top of a little present.  Is Xmas meant to be stressful? Meeting a deadline, trying not to give one person something more expensive than the other, trying to justify that size doesn't matter.  Maybe if I started planning a little earlier it would not be so (like December 26).
Anyways, of the 26 potential recipients I think I have 24 so far, completed gifts that is, pending postage, outfits, I don't think match this even slightly, but are not my highest priority.  The 2 missing gifts are new girls so their likes etc are still being investigated, mind you those 24 suddenly have some new interests, but there you go - character building?

The outfits for Xmas, aren't particularly Xmasy, just something new.
I've been perusing The OP Shops for baby clothes, and with slight/major alterations so far some of my conversions...

Is it Pool or Billiards?

Found this at Woolworths for $20, had to sit it on the box so it was high enough, but it seems perfect, came with the sticks, chalk, balls, a brush the triangle thingy, (maybe I should have checked the correct name for things before covering the box). 
Jackson is lining up for first shot, whilst Brandon (cooly of course in his sunglasses) waits his turn).

Xmas is a Coming

Georgia is very excited, Xmas is coming!!!  She loves to decorate and this year thought a purple and silver theme would be given a go.