Tuesday, April 29, 2014

New Arrival

Karito Kids Lulu has come to stay
she arrived in these shorts and shirt, and she is also wearing undies. I haven't worked out yet if this is her original outfit, as the only pics I recall are her in soccer uniform.

with flash.  Her eyes are the same beautiful detailed creations as Kariti Kid Ling,

without flash. She is so gorgeous, no matter the light.
I haven't worked out her name yet, or if she is JG Zara's relative, but we'll find out soon.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

April and the Year of the Shoe

I think this has been the only addition to the shoe collection this month, and it wasn't even for BFC, I've been a little distracted by JG, OG, and a possible trip in 6 months time.
Brown faux leather, with inside zip, black soles with minute heel, and pink stitching. It looks like a phoenix on the front.
They are on (Karito Kid Ling) Anya

there is some room in there, but not overly obvious.
hmm like.
(Anya is wearing a two tone splash pink singlet top (it looks homemade, one of my ebay wins in the past I think); a skirt made from the leg of a pair of kids jeans from the op shop; and a pair of white tights made from a pair of kneehigh socks).

Battat pants

The Winter-ish wear was coming out for BFC ink redressing, and I found this in the collection, I'd sewn a tuck into it so it would fit my BFCs, but tuck removed

this is BFC ink Josephine. This pic doesn't do the pants justice, but they are a cotton denim look, velcro seam at back, with zip up/down flares with lace embellishment.
I removed the tuck, and it fits the JG's nicely, look at the flares

very pretty pink lace, working zip

Battat label

Flares down.

Journey Girls on the Fringe

In Australia we call the hair style a fringe, I've seen it often refered to as Bangs on the www, so I had a search, and found the explanation
"The term fringe refers to the resemblance of the short row of hair to ornamental fringe trim, such as that often found on shawls. The term bangs originally referred to a hair cut bang-off (straight across at the front), although the term is now applied to diverse forms of hair stylings. It is probably related to bang-tail, a term still used for the practice of cutting horses' tails straight across."

( i decided not to photograph the horse's behind, but they've been banged)
Of all my Journey Girls, the only one that came fringed in box, was Shannon (box name Callie). This has since changed with later releases of Callie having no fringe.

Mikayla (boxed Kelsey). She has very fair skin, and was starting to look in my opinion all forehead. Also due to the very pale green of her Iris (coloured part of the eye) her pupils (black bit) were too stark in contrast.

I think her fringe has softened the whole look.

Meghan (formerly Meredith) was a little big on the forehead as well, it might be the fairness of her skin and the colour of her hair.

I've fringed her as well.  Its not quite sitting right to my satisfaction yet, it has parted and sticking up on the left, hmm maybe it was cut too short, but I do like it.
I've checked in with Ginni (glasses, aka Dana) and Keiralee (Paris Kyla), they're fine with their hairdos (for now).
Zara (originally Taryn, since renamed Chavonne) has had a few of her curls pulled forward, sometimes she wears them long (there was a little curl who had a great whop of curls right in the middle of her forehead)

other times she tucks them up into her head band, but still a little over her forehead.
A few other things out on the Fringe...
BFC ink Zoe's Cabbage Patch Kid Li'l Sprout
BFC ink Hayley's Li'l Sprout
Anya (Karito Kid Ling )

here's one I prepared earlier..
Loralie(BFC ink Kaitlin the fifth) . 
She has a bit more hair than the JG girls, I cut the hair on either side of her part back about half an inch, and trimmed the front row of her rooted hair as well.  BFC ink hair is more densely rooted so you can't really see the gap in front row to second row unless you go rooting around for it.  JGs is a bit more sparsely, so I looked at the first two rows of hair and pulled forward every second strand from each row.  As Shannon's hair was intentionally fringed hers is very dense, I've given my Mikayla and Meghan just a fine line.
Chloe (BFC ink Aliesha Summer Splashin' is fringed, I've trimmed hers so its above her eyebrows)

Gillian (BFC ink Gianna is fringed)

Rose (BFC ink Gianna the 2nd clips her fringe back)

Georgia (BFC ink Aliesha 100+ poses)

Shanandoah (BFC ink Calista, lets say one of many), she is actually wearing a fringed wig

and them boys, Jackson and Brandon, or the other way round.

Friday, April 18, 2014

The Dawson family grows

I was so lucky to win an Ebay auction (I hate auctions), and home came Karito Kids Ling.  She was nude, but with a little donation from a Cabbage Patch Kid for a spare pair of undies, a "What A Doll" outfit that had arrived at some point over the last 4 years, a spare pair of boots from the Journey Girls shoe collection, and a pair of tights whipped up on the sewing machine out of a pair of knee high socks...
I would like to introduce to your Anya Louise Dawson
the Dawsons, Anya, Shannon and Liberti
Anya (pronounced Arrrnya, hmm but not like a pirate, maybe just Arnyar) is so beautiful.
Anya has wigged hair, but you'd hardly notice it. Some wigged dolls look like they're wigged - as in here's a spare head lets plop this mop on it. She has gorgeous eye colouring with such detail and there is a fine upper eye lash, as well as painted ones.  She has the same body style as a Journey Girl, chest and shoulders are plastic.  Her feet are narrower than a JG, but just about the same length, so shoe sharing is a go, arms and legs are longer, and she is taller. The What A Doll dress she is wearing is a little snug around the hips but she can still sit without splitting the seams.
I haven't tried her in anything of the JGs other than this
The picture is just at the right angle so you can't see that the dress is about an inch too short.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Lauren gets AtTENTion

My BFC ink Summer Splashin' Kaitlin came to my place last September, and has really not benefitted from the house that I've been building.  Unfortunately there was no room left, except for an odd space on top of the pantry door complex, that only had short walls, no roof, other than the ceiling of the room.

There she is up top. I found my collection of little Xmas trees once a forest for Barbie, and some fabric that really wasn't any thing special but just to cover the bareness, and she had her outdoorsy scene (on the 4th floor as you do).
The storyline I had thought of for Lauren (her new name) was that she was a runaway and was going to campout, and well did not get to much more than a thought.
She did manage to get some fake grass to go on the ground, and a piece of cardboard and an old umberella to become a tent of sorts, but it kindof stopped there and hmmm


Our Generation Tent arrived this week.  I had almost been drawn toward getting the Car and Caravan for her - a runaway with wheels, but decided that as my guys and gals range in age from about 12 to 15 ish, a drivers licence is not something they'd have yet, and on closer looking talked myself out of the vehicle purchase (I'm hoping someday to get the Journey Girl's bicycle, so there maybe wheels sometime in the future).
Our Generation Polka Dot Camping Set, including a tent (with tent poles in the picture, but they are not obvious that they have been included), sleeping bag, working lamp (!), camp tea pot, cup, plate and a stick with both a marshmallow and a sausage on it. 


ah, tent poles hidden in the sleeping bag

working lamp (like it), the sausage and the marshmallow do come off the stick, so you can cook them one a time, the spout on the teapot does not have an internal hole, so pour with caution.

I found that if I put the poles together first (8 poles 4 joiners), and into the mid wall tabs, then proceeded to lock them into the X connector, - and made sure they were pushed all the way in it was then quite easy to put them in the fabric tabs at the bottom of each wall and it supports the tent really well. 

Lauren within. There is fly mesh on the front two part doorway, and on the two side windows.

very roomy
even enough for the local wildlife.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Taid Plaid by Our Generation

I do like it when they name outfits, makes it easier to refer to it, anywho
A Taid Plaid
long sleeved white shirt, purple furry vest with pink lining and ribbon bow, plaid skirt, with netting ruffle at the hem, black boots, and grey tights

as modelled by an OG

and here on My Journey Girl (Callie) Shannon.
It turns out it is a little loose in the skirt, the tights though they do stretch the crotch doesnt quite sit right, the boots are too big, but I do like it anyway.

I went back to DJ's today to photograph the things I missed, love these boots

had to check if I wanted the caravan, for $100 I don't think I will

the car, maybe, but my dolls aren't old enough to drive.  I was actually hoping Toys'r'us would get the Journey Girls bicycle in, and then I'd get like 10 or something, if they were the right size for my BFC girls.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Smiley face, Our Generation stuff turned up at DJs

Inspired by a co-workers gush over discounted towells, I went to DJs toy department in hope of discounted OG coat and glove set, and lo and behold whilst there was no discount they did have new stuff, that I had not seen in Aus before...

the coat set on the left is all I was expecting to see

I ended up getting the outfit on the left, boots, leggings, long sleeve shirt, tartan skirt and fuzzy vest.
In my excitement I forgot to photograph the car, the caravan, and a marvelous pair of boots

but they did have the red kitchen, and scooters, and a couple of dolls.
Am still not inspired to get a doll.
I plan to try it on a Journey Girl soon.