Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Weighing in

The girls found the bags that I am using to take overseas with us, these are mine. I was weighing them and they asked why. I told them each passenger is limited to a carry on weight and a book in weight for the cargo hold. Depends on what you've paid for.  We can use 7kg for carry on, and 20kg for book in.  As I couldn't buy them their own seat the girls will be included in the carry on luggage. 

Look how big these bags are!
7kg hey, Llew we better weigh ourselves, I suppose, how embarrasing.
It'll be okay, Maddie, each of us will weigh as much as others of our kind, and well, I'm stuffed so I will be heavier
 I'll go first


I weighed them on another, harder surface and got 784 and 553, and went into the other room to make my notes, best to believe the higher amount.
When I came back in a little while later....
Whatcha doing girls?
Just getting together all of the things we're taking.

Um, I think maybe we'll need to cull some of that, we are only going for a week, and two days will be on a plane, beside we need to make room for things we'ld like to bring back.
I got us some paper Llew to make a list

Whats the list of?
Things we'd like to do
Things we'd like to bring back...

and everyone elses wish list


Emily's Adventures

The sun was shining and Emily found this lovely green parsol, and decided to take it outside

 It was so nice in the shade but I wanted to go exploring a little and have some fun

was that a bird just flying by?
ha, there in the grass, see its red head - its a King parrot

I wanted to walk along the fence, Nana Joyce's Anne Shirley would have been proud of me, Catherine insisted on holding my hand though, the big scaredy cat
 A dandelion, give it a blow and all the little seed heads let go

ah - foooo
 then I saw this tree with a great fork, just perfect for me to sit in, back away Catherine I'll be alright, yes I'm holding on tight

it's not high up really, not much
I reckon I could jump down....


Its not very bad, and I didn't even cry, the worst bit was I got bug poo in my hair.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Some American Girl dresses

I've bought a couple of outfits by American girl from Ebay and have tried them on a couple of my girls.
Carolines travel dress

Antoinette (Marie-Grace)

Felicity's dress, it comes with a choker

this is the choker stretched out a little - so you can see the flowers



I do think I like it best without the choker

and this made by Pleasant company in 1997
The Snowflake jumper
It has a thin undershirt with little gold buttons down the front of the bodice
The Jumper itself is very thick, velvet
(?) and can almost stand up on its own
it is beautiful though.

Only Jo has tried it on so far

The colour of their skin

I was trying some different clothes on the American girls, and realised that the body colour, pretty closely matched all the vinyl (arms legs head), except for
Mercedes. Mercedes is My American Girl Number 46, she has the Sonali face mold, dark brown skin, eyes and ringletted hair (gorgeous cheeky smile)

this is with flash

this is without
her body fabric is definitely alot lighter than her limbs and head, I suppose it looks like she's wearing an undershirt, but it isn't and its a little disappointing.
I wonder if Historical Girl Addy is two toned?
This is Journey Girls Zara (boxed name was Taryn, since renamed Chavonne)
She too has dark brown skin
Merce trying on Zara's clothes, Zara in the Caroline travel dress
(these are Journey girl stretch pants on Merce - a bit snug)
Zara has a vinyl chest plate, but her middle is soft, and fabric and also a different colour to her vinyl.
It seems neither company made an effort to colour match.
Journey Girls Chavonne's vinyl colour has since lightened, I wonder how close the match is now.

Despite this, Mercedes is still very cute. Here she is in an Our Generation outfit called "For the Frill of it"

Our Generation stuff appeared in Kmart in June this year, and I think in David Jones (expensive department store) some months earlier (can we just say - thanks Kmart - they don't over charge). Hopefully they'll get some more and different things in the near soon... in the meantime if my itinerary goes to plan I may see whats in stores in Oahu next month.

Karito Kids Lulu:
I overlooked this friend for this post,

I'd say a closer match but still two toned