Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The ears have it

The BFC ink girls have their ears pierced, well all except one

Ariah is a BFC ink Pen Pals Carmen, who arrived without her ears pierced at all. The other Pen Pals had their ears pierced but did not come with earrings.

Chloe, lend me your ear.
The BFC ink girls have a whoppinggreat big hole for their earrings. With the arrival of the Pen Pals something had to be done, and so I investigated American Girl doll earrings.
This pic is of BFC ink earrings, from the left - see how large the post width is, most of the earrings had almost clear plastic posts with painted silver stud head, though I think the original 3 girls were coloured, I only have Addisons, they had a pink "stone" look in the stud, but it very easily peels off. The earring in the middle with the dangle is an American Girl doll earring, the posts are much thinner, and lastly is a human earring.
Whilst most of the girls earring holes were still too wide for even American Girl doll earrings, the exception has been Ellie, and she is pictured below with the heart shaped silver studs with half hoop add on.

The others girls were certainly not over the moon with their boring BFC ink earrings, and so a way to reduce the size of the piercing was needed..

I can't even remember who suggested it to give them the credit, but I have found that the rubber earring backs, 3mm ones seem to do the job just nicely, and behold.....
the ears have it
Charlie with blue stones

Jaime with cherries

Brooke-Lyn with Hello Kitty

Harmony with pearls

Josephine with black cats

Indigo with half hoops

Erika with starfish

 Shanan with pink plaid buttons

Ashleigh with rainbows

Meanwhile over in Journey Girl land...

The Journey Girls do not have their ears pierced, straight out of the box. If any of them would have I would have thought they'd have decorated Jordanna, but not to worry.  The girls thought they'd get them done all together, for mutual support








Sunday, January 19, 2014

Proud Parent Moment

I do not have any human children (technically cats, foxes, ferrets, reptiles, mice and birds, and dolls don't count as human), but still count myself as a parent (except when they're really naughty and are on the brink of being disowned). I don't think of myself as my dolls mother though, hmmm..

Proud Carer Moment
my BFCs appeared in Doll Diaries this week, mostly all, done up in BFC ink brand clothes,
happy glowing feeling.

The Year of the Shoe

I like to give my dolls gifts, and what better time than Xmas and their birthdays.  Xmas is one great big hit all at once, but birthdays (fortunately) are spread out over the year.
I was trying to give everyone something unique to their personality/hobby etc (some share the same hobby), for Xmas.  I wasn't successful, and that is why quite a few girls got Cabbage Patch kids, when most of them are not doll people, or should I say were not doll people (Hayley and Zoe are the main doll lovers).  For Birthdays I decided last year that everyone would get a laptop, and a bag to put it in.  The bag would be the unique item.

The Laptop: a little compact mirror, with a fold down screen (the mirror side) and a keyboard.  They were all either white or silver.  The mirror I covered over with a screen shot printed off the computer.
Some of the covers I put stickers like the owners initials, or little pics of things they liked.

This is Ashleigh
This is the laptop up close (and a sneaky paw)
the box it came in "Mirrorbook Air"

The Bag: I bought mobile phone pouches/bags that I added ribbon for straps, so they could be a backpack for easy carrying from one class to the next, and I bought a charm and/or an iron on transfer/patch to help reflect the owner. The Laptops are just the right size to find inside.

Ashleigh is mostly confined to her wheelchair, so her laptop bag straps were made to fit over the handlebars of her wheelchair. You can just see the straps - they are rainbow, and the iron on patch is of a rainbow as well. Rainbows are one of Ash's favourte things, along with Smurfs, Care Bears, and photography.
So for 2014 I wondered what could be the birthday gift of the year?
I decided Shoes.
The BFC ink shoes, for most part, are plastic slip ons. Sneakers mostly, and I'm going to call them sandals, and loafers.  There is a pair of gumboots in there too.  Kaitlin was the exception. The Original Kaitlin and Kaitlin from the 100+ poses release, came with fabric boots, very nice They also made a release of doll clothes with the big + being fabric shoes.  Theses included ballet Pointe, in pink (I love these, actually the whole ballet outfit ranked very high with me, "Ballet Beauty"), fluffy slippers (Pajama Pretty), I think they're called Mary Janes (loafers with an ankle strap) in purple (Fairy Princess), a pair of purple knitted boots  (So Stylish), and a pair of red velvet shoes (Festive and Fashionable), and almost forgot, the furry white knee high boots (Icy Cute).  I'm still to get the slippers and the red velvet shoes. The next fashions that were released were promo pictured on the back of the packs as having fabric shoes as well, but it was not to be.
Other brand shoes: I believe it was a pattern from Liberty Jane that first gave hope that there were shoes out there that BFC ink girls could wear. Yep, my comment is still also on the pattern site even
and my collection commenced...
sandals - I've also got a pair in blue . The realistic looking buckle is actually a hook and is elasticised for easy closure. Most of my collection are for "Ball Jointed Dolls" BJD.  I find them on ebay, and as per Liberty Janes advice most of them do come from a seller called Release Rain and Mimiwoo

Boots, for stomping around in, or the picture here is of Chloe in her horse riding gear. Whilst they do lace up at the front, there is actually a zip in the back that is alot easier to put the shoe on through, and also means you dont have to muck around with the laces (but they are not a problem).
The in-line skates were bought under the advertisement on Ebay for Magic Attic, and there are 3 clasps that snap up and down to tighten or release.

Sneakers, colours galore to choose from, and not just plain ones either, tons of patterns. Some have coloured insides and are high enough so you can either lace them all the way up, or lace them far enough so you can fold the tops down,

blue with stars, yellow

black, and blue with yellow blue and white inside stripes.
Must need take more pictures.

Now these ones are really nice, this is a pair of boots with faux fur top, and pom poms. They are zip up the back as well. There's another pair of skates (they were so cool I bought two).
So plan is, birthdays 2014 will be shoes. Shoes that belong to the individual not just a pool (but they don't mind sharing).
Hint: when buying shoes off Ebay I make sure I read the sellers description so the size will actually fit the dolls feet, I try to get something as close too (within a milimetre or two if smaller) or not too much larger than that (unless they're going clown).  The seller will usually list both the outside and inside dimmensions of the shoe, very helpful. The white boots just above have been the tightest fit so far, and required care when trying to get on and off - the heel had to be glued down again after first try. I now try to make sure I've pushed the toe and foot as far in as possible before rezipping.  The sneakers are no problem, I just loosen  the laces down a few holes.
With Xmas resulting in alot of Cabbage Patch Kids, the girls who don't need another pair of personal shoes - did I just say something wrong? may get a pair of shoes to fit their CPK's.  (The load of CPK's I got was from a bulk listing on Ebay, I think all but 2 came without shoes). I haven't received them yet, but I have ordered a pair of BJD shoes for a doll style called Lati - here's hoping.
Birthdays so far for 2014:
January 8: Indigo - have ordered a pair of purple Lati shoes for her CPK. Indigo got a pair of purple sneakers for Xmas, so was willing to be the test case for CPK Lati
January 9: Charlie - her favourite Peanuts character is Charlie Brown (wonder why). I have ordered her a pair of brown boots (some pics of CB have him in brown)
February 7: Leisel - she is into sailing and pirates.  I was bidding on a pair of sneakers that had the skull and cross bones stamped all over it, need to check that to see if I won or need to try again.
July 31: Jackson, yes I know there are more birthdays before his (quite a few actually) but I saw the perfect pair to match his boxing gloves - they are the yellow ones pictured above, and I got them already.  (The boxing gloves were car deodorisers - that you hang from the rear vision mirror)
Talking of car deodorisers
I think the pink ones were strawberry, the beige ones
"new car smell" (?) and the black ones vanilla.
I have seen other shoes that would be perfect conversions from car smellerisers to BFC ink foot wear, unfortunately they are all only the left shoe! whats going on there?  So until I get a doll with 2 left feet, Ebay it is for BJDs.  The boots shown here were neither left nor right, they came individually - so I could get two for a pair.
In the background, is the purple knit boots from "So Stylish" (little bit hard to see) a pair of pink loafers - the toe is adorned with a knob flower I think, and a pair of purple loafers.
Hmmm, what to do today - shoe shopping!!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

A sign of things to come?

I certainly hope so.  I was in David Jones yesterday lunch time, toy department of course, and saw some Our Generation brand items!!! A long long time ago Target in Australia sold the Battat brand dolls and outfits, I bought one outfit, I'd be guessing but I'd say around 15 years ago. It was a cotton shirt with jeans and a pair of lace up brown short boots, love that outfit.  My BFCs have inherited the outfit, the shoes location is unknown.  18 inch dolls are few and far between over here.  Toys R Us do get the Journey Girls, lets say sometimes. They need to restock.
Anyway, the sales girl at DJ's disappeared just as I was going to ask about whether they'd get more stock in, but not to worry, that can be for another day.
I didn't even think to take pictures, not to worry (tcbfad), they had one doll, one outfit and a white horse. They didn't have price tags on the doll or the outfit, the horse I think was $60-70 which I think is reasonable, and as it is right there - no postage expense.
I am not interested in the doll itself, personally I do not like the OG faces. The outfit was an orange coat, with purple scarf and mittens, was there a hat? again if pictures had been taken. The horse tempting, white with the coloured hair attachables

I'll see if Amazon has pics to borrow

I think it was this one = Holly

It was boots not hat = Thrill in the Chill

 From Hair to There Camrillo

I do already have two horses, one of which is white, so a very unnecessary purchase, and there is no more room in the stable...  stop it move on...

Ooh Amazon has a BFC ink pen pals Carmen, hmm at $99 then add on p+h, no.

I was thinking of making 2014 The Year of the Shoe, meaning I'd get everyone for their birthdays a pair of shoes, last year it was a laptop and bag, it was a success, though some were early, some were late, and there you go I've already missed 2 girls, (Indigo for the 8th and Charlie for the 9th of January, Happy Birthday).  I'll go on Ebay later and see what can be done about that.
I was thinking of getting each person their own definately their's pair of shoes or slippers.  Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD) have some shoes that fit the BFC ink crew, and they are really well made and look real. 
I've got sneakers, tall black lace up boots, sandals and a pair of slippers.
BFC ink did do a wave of outfits with real fabric shoes, that were acceptable considering they were for a play line, but the BJD stuff is just way above, so off to Ebay I go....

A very Tents moment

The girls, and guys who like camping, Indigo, Georgia, Maddie, Brandon and Jackson were also given this for Xmas to share...
Do you think they like it?


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

What we got for Xmas.

Growing up we did not celebrate Xmas. Oddly enough, maybe, to most I guess, it was my understanding it was against our religion (!). Anyway, since I'm no longer in the religion, Xmas now means presents, and trees.
So here 'tis....
Gillian: Pink! cupcake ornament, jewellery box with a pink bow (ring) bangle, Strawberry Shortcake books, and a Cabbage Patch Kid - whilst not wearing pink, their hair matches

Vicki: cowboy hat, gumboots, overalls, horse and heart charm for necklace

Yuri: a record player with record albums

Ellie: an elephant pyjama bag, and a cabbage patch kid

Callie: science kit, including a microscope with slides, test tubes and measuring cylinder, and a calculator

Kaitlyn: a cabbage patch kid, butterfly net, insect viewing box, butterfly colouring in cards, and a magnifying glass

Indigo: a cabbage patch kid dressed for soccer, a pair or purple joggers, and a purple MP3 player with carry case.
Cabage Patch Kids - the latest fad in my room, they might start a club.

Hayley: (she of the first CPK) a cabbage patch kid, two baby CPK's and dolly colouring in cards
Hayley has the biggest collection of CPK's so far

Abigail: a bee vest, a yellow jewellery box and bee ring, a plant pot of lavendar

Shanandoah: a dress form, sewing machine, pink plaid cap and matching earrings, and friendship bracelet and sewing kit

Charlie: a cabbage patch kid, collar and lead for her puppy, and Peanuts colouring in and pencils

Chloe: horse charm for her necklace, a cowboy hat, a pair of overalls and a pair of gumboots

Josephine: a silver tophat, silver beads (for making a tapdance skirt), and flowered headband, and a black cat  (ring) bangle

Ashleigh: rainbow scarf and matching knee rug, a cabbage patch kid, a camera, photo album and smurftastic colouring in and pencils
Jackson:  a surf board, beach towel and pair of boxing gloves

Juliette: an owl earring tree, owl photo frame, books, and books, and books

Richelle: a roller travel bag with sunglasses, towel, face cloths, carryon bag, and a watch

Jaime: A cabbage Patch kid; red flowered head band, lady bug slipper socks, red jewellery box and a red notebook, cherry earrings

Brandon: a beach towell, boxing gloves and a trainset

Rose: A Cabbage Patch kid, handbag, and Mickey Mouse club colouring in books with pencils

Brookelyn: a cabbage patch kid, hello kitty colouring in and pencils and a hello kitty watch

Zoe: patchy teddy bear, cabbage patch kid, roller skates and helmet

Lauren: cabbage patch kid, sheep ribbon, a sheep charm for her necklace and a towel

Erika: snorkel and flippers, sea shell windcharm, beach towel and hat

Loralie: cabbage patch kid, handbag, mickey mouse club colouring in and pencils, big red bow

Leisel: pirate colouring in cards, a treasure chest, telescope, sailship picture and a beach towel

McKinley: a cabbage patch kid, a flower loom, cottons and a jewellery box

Melody and Harmony: pink handbags

and in their princess stockings at the foot of their beds: a crystal jewellery box, a Princess charm, Barbie Hairclips and comb

Ariah: Pookie, Garfield poster ("Only my teddy bear understands me"), and Garfield colouring in and pencils

Georgia: Xmas trinkets, penguin, bag and charms, and a soccer game

Maddie: camera, and Lego Mini figure collector sheets series 1 and 2

What a Haul!!!  now where to put it all?