Sunday, August 31, 2014

Some outfits for the girls


American girl School jumper, has a label that says Pleasant company from 1996 !

 the tights have little flecks of colour - not for picking out -
Emily looks so cute in this - just need shoes

An Ebay seller - I think it was Joanne16288. 2 white long sleeve ts a pink one and that lovely red summer dress
the summer dress had an almost matching head band,

Miriam decided to wear it with one of the long sleeve white t's - and her boots and her tights.
Antoinette's neck was feeling a chill

much better
 Josefina is not taking up fencing, she is just being adorned in modern knickers, tights and a long sleeve T

Spring is about to sprung, but its still coolish here, just needs shoes

test case for a serape. I think I need to make the neck opening a tiny bit longer


August Shoes

Shoes have arrived in August, already occupied, on my new American Girls.

Emily's lovely boots, with little green embroidered butterflies, they velcro up the back.

I tried to put them on her with the tights on her new outfit, but that was unsuccessful. Journey Girls boots I have also were a no go. I was however succesful with an Our Generation Girls outfit, who  has lent her the little black shoes with burgundy bows, for now, they fit just nice.  Must check Kmart again for the OG shoes, now that I know they fit like this.

Miriam's Guilt boots arrived - they are not exactly the ones I thought I had ordered, but are still pretty cool. Faux fur lined, zip up,

and go well over her Guilt tights that I am very pleased with, made from human knee high socks (these will hopefully not stain her legs)

Antoinette in her meet outfit (+ cardi), love those boots
And Josefina

My Jo is a Pleasant Company doll, I might have missed it - but she does not appear to have a body tag. She does have the Pleasant Company stamp though on the back of her neck, and on the little labels and stickers on her clothes.  What I was trying to work out is, how old she was, the Wikia indicates PC first made her in 1997 - could my girl be that old? The seller had only ever displayed her and she in my opinion - the doll that is - in perfect condition...

I was trying to re-dress my Jo, and it involved removing her shoes - big sniffles -  the laces disintegrated,
both of them
Wiki Josefina_Montoya_(doll) indicates that the laces were originally a leather string - mine, but have since been changed to laces.  No wonder then they disintegrated, they are old.
Shopping list: new laces.



I was blogging away - still in draft mode, and realised I was calling my girls by their names - clever that, their new names, and I realised I don't think I 've introduced them propertly. (Which will now explain why I call such and such a doll, so and so, etc etc, you know what I mean)

So to keep you in the dark no longer, I would like you all to meet:
(from left to right)
Llewellyn, Miriam, Josefina, Emily and Antoinette.

Llewellyn July Whitelake
her birthday is the 4th of July
she was Julie Albright Historical American girl from 1974
Her surname comes from the town she came from via Ebay, Whitelake
Her first and middle names just suited her
and she arrived here on the 4th of July, I prefered to use it over Julie's 1st of May.
So far Llewellyn really likes the Julie collection, and I will try to collect it for her. 
Miriam Cassandra Eastpointe
her birthday is the 30th of September
she was My American Girl number 30
Her surname comes from the town she came from via Ebay, Eastpointe
and her first and middle names just suited her (Cassandra may have been influenced by Mama Cass - the singer)
she arrived here on the 7th of July, but I chose to give her birthday as per above, based on this doll being released in September, it was 2008, but 30 - her number , and September just went well.
I found her amongst dolls called Jess - a Girl of the Year, who seemed really cool. I might try to get stuff for Miriam based on that character
Josefina Maria Montoya Nash
her birthday is the 19th of March
she was Josefina Montoya historical American Girl
and so far she just suits all that is Josefina, so I've kept most of her name the same and her birthday. I believe the pronunciation of her name should be Yosefina - but I prefer the J sound.
 I have started called her Jo though.
Josefina arrived on the 11th of August, from Nashville Tennessee - so Nash became her surname

Emily Eve Anderson
her birthday is the 20th of January
Emily is My American Girl number 21
this doll first debuted in 2001
she did come from Burlington (via Ebay), the name just didn't suit, and I found the other just rolling off one day and it stuck,
she arrived here on the 14th of August, but 20/01 just seemed a better fit for her birthday
I haven't quite worked her out yet, but is very cheeky and has asked for some shoes that don't mind getting mucky

Antoinette Marie Greencastle
her birthday is the 14th of August
Antoinette is the Historical American Girl Marie-Grace birthday March 3rd
she arrived here from Greencastle Pennsylvania on the 14th of August
she is definitely a little girl, loves fairy tales and princesses
(note for shopping list, she needs a petticoat)

 So there you are: 5 little girls all in a row, what adventure's next, you soon will know...

Saturday, August 16, 2014

The American Girl bug has bitten

I was never going to do it, well so I thought, due to the cost, and that I favoured another brand (or two), but I think I'm hooked.  3 little ladies came to stay this week...

I hope she's not standing on her head

an anonymous white box, who could it be?

Josefina !! isn't she gorgeous

Hello!!! or is it Hola?
I'm so happy to be here

um, its a little bit cold though

a blanket ahhh, thats better, hmm, this could make a Serape, hmm did I see some scissors around here?
Josefina is in perfect condition, her hair is still in its original do, the seller had only ever displayed. Welcome to a new phase in your life sweet one. I might keep her original first name, I really like the name. I believe the J is pronounced Y - but I prefer the harder J sound, Yo is just to up and down for me (yoyo joke there). I really like Josefina's dresses/skirts, and confession I started looking at her seriously when I found out she had a pet goat - it reminded me of my childhood. So otherthan maybe a turtleneck t-shirt she may be stuck in the past with her outfits anyway.
That was Monday

Happy Snap, Llewellyn (aka Julie), Josefina (new name pending or maybe to keep Josefina), and Miriam (#30)

 A window to see the world go by, by
the flash accentuates the beaver teeth

whilst new in box, she has the charity sale X on her tooshie, so does not come with the Innerstar U codes. Not sure I would have used them anyway.

Whoop, there must have been a breeze in the box, a very Marilyn pose

Isn't she sweet - naughty cheeky thing. I wanted to get one classic mold doll, and after viewing the pics off the actual AG website, number 21 was always the one I came back to. Even after looking at the Girls of the Year and the Historicals.

depending on the light they look like 2 different dolls 
no just me (possibly Emily).
same day
someone in a boot box (hopefully not overcome by foot odour)

very pale mint shoes and I think it was a nightie


Isn't she pretty?

I think the hat is made of felt, and theres a very cute little fan, I so love little things that work

Marie-Grace (pending name change) is even wearing a little heart shaped locket that opens. Her hair is still in its original do, the ringlets haven't been messed with so they are behaving themselves. So nice, might give it a debox brush. 
Quick pic of her in her hat and balancing the fan hanging from her hand.
She's rugged up now in a big pink blanket.
I kind of think she'll be a big Disney princess/fairy tale fan - based on her ballgown and things, rather than following her intended story (I've got the Meet Marie-Grace book, still to read). Not sure if I'll get her collection yet (over time if I did,... a very long time), but I have seen some things on Ebay not necessarily genuine AG that I think would be great on her.
Thanks goes to the sellers who kept their dolls really nice, and thanks to my old doll and Barbie collection that is funding my new one.