Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Brooke-Lyn loves Hello Kitty

Brooke-Lyn is a big fan of Hello Kitty.

A few months back the Newsagents started a subscription on a series for Hello Kitty furniture and eventually a house.
This last week something arrived ...

the house

Brooke-Lyn's thinking of moving in herself.

maybe as a 3 storey bunk bed
Time to move the furtniture in, Brooke-Lyn goes off to the toy cubpoard to get the items she has collected so far.
What even dolls dolls do when you're not looking...
ooh, just the right size

! quick she's coming back...

"Is that a Cabbage Patch Kid shoe?"


January's contribution to The Year of the Shoe

Charlie Brown got some boots

Leisel some pirate shoes.