Sunday, July 29, 2012

Xmas in July

Xmas and Winter just seem to go together. I'm in Australia and our Xmas's are usually very hot because of Summer in the Southern Hemisphere. So as not to miss out we sometimes do Xmas in July, no big deal, usually just a reason for eating I think.
In my room and land of dolls, Georgia is very pro Xmas and wanted to do the Santa thing and give everyone a little something, Gillian our resident chef has the turkey in the oven for a baked dinner for later on.  Gillian had also made some Xmas cookies, and well whilst everyone got a little gift, Georgia gave herself a stomach ache, turkey?  oooh maybe another day on a sandwich.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Whats in a name?

When I went to Sunday School it was often important the meaning of the names of the characters.  Just imagine the burden of having to live your life according to the meaning of your name.
I don't think I had taken much thought into the meaning of the names that I gave my dolls, oh actually there was one large Cinderella doll - one of the ones the size of a small child, that I named after searching for names of significance to match the colour of her hair, which was, something like Leora with Light being one of its meanings.
Anyway, so I was wondering if by any coincidence I had named my dolls some significant name that matched their personality or interests or just plain haunt them for the rest of their lives (unintentionally).
Actually upon checking the names I do recall searching for Japanese names for Yuri (box name Yuko)
Yuri = lilly  (very pretty name for a very pretty doll)
These are the other meanings, some are for names similar or slight variations on the spelling:
Ariah = melody
Brandon = little raven
Brooke-Lyn = brook, stream - beautiful
Callie = beautiful
Chloe = verdant (green?) and blooming
Eleanor/Ellie = light
Erika = honourable ruler
Georgia = farmer
Gillian = youthful
Hayley = hero
Harmony = a beautiful blending
Josephine = God will increase
Juliette = soft haired
Kaitlyn = pure
Leisel = oath of God (a german form of Elizabeth)
Maddelyn = magnificent
McKinley = son of Kinley, son of the white warrior
Melody = song
Victoria = winner, conqueror
Zoe = life

Oh, well there you go.  The McDonald twins are musically inclined = Melody and Harmony and if I recall that had been intentional.  Their brother Brandon - a little raven? a black bird - he likes electric guitar, eh
Anyway doesn't matter.  I named them using names I liked and that seemed to suit them at the time.  Surnames? we might just leave the subject for now.

“I read in a book once that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but I've never been able to believe it. I don't believe a rose WOULD be as nice if it was called a thistle or a skunk cabbage.” ― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

The Scale of Things

When I was a Barbie Fan I hadn't really given it much thought, everything just seemed to fit. She has been around so long I guess.  11.5 inches.
My move to BFC Ink has found me carrying a tape measure around everywhere.  BFC ink just seems so big by comparison, I still get boggled by it, and the space required to accomodate them.
                                                            Once we were a Barbie house.

 My once 5 and 6 storey pantry door houses are now only 3 and 4 storeys with really only one room per floor, whilst previously a comfortable 2; and the furniture the size is one thing, the availability another.
                             3 of the 4 floors (the ground floor was a shambles and full of horses)

It would be alot easier if 18 inch dolls were actually common here in Australia, but they're not - I've looked.  It was by chance that Toys'r'us stocked them last April (2011) and I happened upon them (Georgia and Hayley).  I go there now once in a while hoping, but to no avail.  They are however stocking their line Journey Girls and well if I passed over to that scale of 18 inch doll life may be a little easier (because of Ebay and the popularity of American Girl), have a wishlist though if I did, and may post that as a page sometime.  In the meantime there are things of their Scale ie Journey girls, American Girl etc, that do fit and have been added to my collection.
Due to the popularity of the American Girl doll and its competition brands I have become interested in following the blogs of doll enthusiasts and crafters, and Doll diaries and MyFroggyStuff on Youtube. 
Maddelyn loves the American Girl Skateboard, the pants and shoes a little large but the hoodie was perfect.
Inspired by Journey Girls and American Girl McKenna, a loft bed.
A kitchen by Casdon (sink and stove)
Gillian making breakfast during the renovation (she's just a bit too short, so a little box helped her reach the stove)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Xmas in July progress (or what I bought last week)

My ambition to Ebay with a $2 gift limit for Xmas in July was failing, so, in some madness maybe, I ventured to Kmart at 6 o'clock in the morning (disguised as - on my way to work).  Outcome..
a $2 elephant (for the elephant collector Ellie); a folder of sticky note pads, perfect size for BFC (for the Butterfly loving Kaitlyn, or was it for the Pink obsessed Gillian?); and a stack of sticky notes (oh, that was for me (I love sticky notes, aka Post It Notes)).   Hhhhhhhhhhhh urge to splurge satisfied.
It had returned by lunchtime however so I nipped over to Go-Lo in my lunch break and was pleasantly surprised with some good length wrapping paper (to become wall paper for my doll rooms), a little container that told me it was possibly a toilet, another for a laundry basket, and for Xmas presents... some elasticised pink bracelets (to become necklaces and bracelets); some mini cupcake liners (not really Xmas, thought I might try my hand at polymer clay cakes for a party food, and Gillian is a cupcake enthusiast); and Zhu Zhu pet key chain figures (maybe for the toy/doll enthusiasts Hayley and Zoe).
Hmm, that must have been Friday, and it must have slipped my mind as the day before, I had tried the lunchtime thing at Hot Spot, finding a table top easel with canvas (for the artistic McKinley); some froggy bubble stickers, ballet and Disney Princess sticker sheets - for other room decorating.
Had I exceeded the $2 limit rule per gift? Maybe, just a little bit. Could the printout of downsized music sheets save the budget.. possibly, it would cover the McDonalds, thats 3 (Brandon, Melody and Harmony) and Gillian (again! she plays violin).
Erika and Leisel had been measured for Boogie Boards, and after much burning off of finger prints and gluey strings I've made 2 out of cardboard and craft foam.  It may be my glue gun, does anyone else have issues with their's oozing when not in use (though still on so it is hot) and then leaving strings everywhere?  (I must say though the hot glue gun was a great invention, and I need to thank MyFroggyStuff on YouTube for introducing me).
So was that everything?
Oh, Coles had Hello Kitty and Lego Minifigures lucky dip bags, which I got one of each (Brooke-Lyn and Maddelyn), and exceeded the $2 limit; and I did manage to find a couple of things on Ebay afterall, Apple Macbook laptops (pretending to be compact mirrors) for Ariah and Callie, a photo album (credit card wallet) for Juliette and a ballerina necklace for Yuri. A wine glass ring thingy looked the perfect little bracelet for Kaitlyn, was found at a stall at the Market yesterday.
Missing... Josephine, Georgia, Vicki and Chloe.
Vicki and Chloe have a big surprise though being shipped from the US, bought before the Xmas plan and been a long time coming, well since March anyway, and I did find a bunk bed at Hot Dollar yesterday that was pretending to be a shoe rack, that is now in their room and awaiting mattresses and sheets and blankets.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Hmm, I know its the title to a movie where a man duplicated himself to give himself more time, I am using it just as a title to explain why I have more than one of the same doll.

BFC ink, the original cast: Addison, Calista and Kaitlin
were joined by the twins: Aliesha and Noelle
more friends arrived: Gianna, Yuko and CJ
and the Pen Pals: Brit, Elsa, Carmen and Nicolette (and the never to be Lily)

They did release the first 5 a couple of times, so really one could use the excuse that they are not the same person, even if the box names are the same. Each release the girls did look a little different from the others, eg, Hairdo, clothes, accessories.  I have a softspot for unwanted 2nd hand dolls, so some of mine were of that origin, and well, a hair cut, a hat, a pair of glasses can make a big difference, then of course the name and the clothes, and the character, voila new person.
Hmm, really I only have 4 girls (2 of each*) that would have been identical boxed dolls, so I haven't really been bad, the other duplications are by name only (I should say "So far").

Addison:  Maddelyn, Juliette,  Harmony

Calista:  Zoe, Callie

Yuko: Yuri, Victoria *

Aliesha: Georgia, Chloe

Noelle:  Leisel, Hayley

Kaitlin: Melody , McKinley, Kaitlyn

Carmen: Ariah, Josephine *

Face Molds: In my opinion, Addison, Aliesha, Noelle and Kaitlin have the same face mold, just differing skin tones, hair and eye colour. Carmen and Calista share the same, again just with the few differences, and Yuko and CJ are unique

Whilst I am yet to do it, CJ is the only boy in this line, and my intent/wishlist includes another CJ or two, to give him some mates.  Have seen some great ideas on Flickr where others have purchased more than one CJ and wigged them.

Is it very common that in any social group there is one of everything? I mean, one blonde, one redhead, one dark skinned, one brunette, one male, one oriental?  How many doll lines seem only to release one of everything (eg Barbie, Bratz, BFC ink). So my wishlist would also include Calista and Yuko.

The Xmas in July Challenge

Woke up this morning thinking about it, Xmas in July.  Winter and Christmas just seem to go together, so someone invented Xmas in July (I guess any skeptic might take it as a retailers ploy to get more money out of you, but its no big deal, and not much fuss is made of it, and not everyone keeps it (even Christmas in December) a choice thing). One year, actually three years, but the second  and third one weren't as good as the first, I did Xmas in July for my family and their families.  It was a lot of fun.  We did the whole tree thing, nice baked dinner, played games, and even St Nick came bearing gifts.  Anyway...
So can I do it this year?  Decided not to do it with the family this year, my human family, but maybe try with my doll family.
Could be I just like spending money as the thought I woke up with was Ebay....
Challenge to buy each of my dolly family members a little gift for $2 or less.
Confession: I love Ebay.  Ebay was where I met the BFC ink, and I like shopping.

Georgia just came a running. "Xmas in July?" she squealed.  "Please please please let me be Chris Cringle, oh this is so good, I love Xmas, we can put up the tree and the tinsel, and have the stockings hung up, and and....."  Whoa sweety, slowly slowly, maybe try to keep it hush hush as a surprise? "Ah, yes, yes, this is sooooo cool."

:-) Georgia is a Xmas enthusiast, if you didn't guess already.
Anyway we'll see.
Memories of Xmas 2011

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Another working week finally over, the emergency dash to the vet done and pending result (and a second mortgage) .... I have a few hours to go into my own little space and catch up with my dolly friends, they smile, they're calm.... hhhh.,
Hey Girls, and Brandon, whatcha doing?
Gillian is relaxing in her room going through her recipe book, hmmm pink is her favourite colour, maybe some pink cakes today;
Georgia and Maddie are upstairs in Georgia's room getting ready to go out skateboarding, they might meet up with Brandon down at the skate park a bit later;
Brandon is actually restringing his guitar, he got for his birthday on the 24th of June, he's waiting for his sisters to wake up, Melody and Harmony.  It was their birthday on the 6th of July but they'd been away visiting grandparents in Sydney, and only got back late last night, he's wanting to see their faces when they open their gifts;
Melody and Harmony are still fast asleep, the train up from Sydney was an all stations stopper, so the going was slow and then they missed the last public bus from Newcastle, so they had to race for the ferry to get to Stockton as there was one last private bus running from there, and well they're tired, a good long week spent with Grandma and Grandpa and the cousins, they'll catch up with Brandon later and tell him all the family gos, ah news;
Zoe and Hayley like to get up early on weekends, turn the heater on in Winter (we're in Australia) and play dolls. They might go shopping later with their pocket money for some dolls clothes. Their cabbage patch kids need some furniture and long sleeves;
(this was last Saturday)
Vicki and Chloe are in the stable feeding the horses, the weather looks great today, the sun is just about to hit the bottom of the trees down the backyard so riding is highly probable today.  There is rumour that they might be getting a to-scale horse soon.  The Cabbage Patch kid ponies are really cute but when the riders feet are dragging on the ground its a little hard going through the long grass;
Erika is checking out the websites for boogie boards and what the recommended sizes are.  Leisel was coming over later today and they were going to go to the surf shop, and of course down to the beach after that, no they're not going swimming, its Winter, but the surf shop might also have wetsuits and well you never know...'
Juliette and Callie are thinking of going for a bush walk with their cameras;
Yuri is in her leotard, she has performance exams soon and is wanting to improve on her last ones, so she'll be praticing today.  She'd hoped to have Gillian join her but Gillian's cake face was on last night and Yuri just couldn't pursuade her otherwise.  Yuri is a couple of grades ahead of Gillian, but still it is fun to dance together;

McKinley's sewing machine is running hot, even at 7 this morning it had been whirring away.  She has some fleece material - stripes and she really wants to make a couple of sets of long pants... her roomie Kaitlyn thought it a great idea and was up a little earlier than she'd like but with the weather fine it meant she could go down to the pond and watch the turtles;
Ellie is sleeping in, she might meet up with Zoe and Hayley later at the shops.  Those two always like going into Toys'r'us and well sometimes you feel a bit awkward going into toy shops when you're in high school on your own, but with a couple of others you can always fall back on it was their idea.. but then why are other kids from school in there anyway??? Relax Ellie, there is nothing wrong with still liking toys, even at 40 (it only took me 20 years past my teens to feel that way), theres a new Ice Age out so you never know there might be another Manny or Ellie to collect;
Brooke-Lyn needs to get some more fishfood and water ager.  The aquarium down at Glendale has a really good product line and range of fish, so she's heading that way a little later;
Josephine and Ariah are going to the Terrace to look at bedroom furniture.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sharing Birthdays

I've heard that in a room of 23 people there is a 50-50 chance that two people will share a birthday, my room holds no exception to this, though including me it is 22. Ooh if you Google it - the Birthday Paradox, there you go. (Do any words just inspire you to break out into a rendition of say a Gilbert and Sullivan musical? A paradox a paradox a most ingenious paradox aha aha aha aha aha a paradox? no me neither, ooh and that was about a birthday too).
Anyway, it's cheating when there are twins of course (guilty) but then there's also the accidental.
BFC Ink Aliesha and Noelle are twins, and by some luck they arrived at my place on the same day (they were both available at the local Toys'r'us) which helped with the idea of me giving birthdays as the day of arrival. So Aliesha and Noelle came April 5th 2011, and became Georgia and Hayley Carmichael.

This is Hayley (left) and Georgia (right) just after opening their birthday presents this year. Hayley loves dolls, and was very happy with her Cabbage Patch Kid, Georgia the tomboy did not sit for long after this picture as she needed to try out her new in-line skates.  Her best friend Maddie was dying to see them.

Well these two were twins by design of MGA, and almost identical in appearance, but not personality.  My other twins are the McDonalds, Melody and Harmony, arrived July 6th 2011 from Maisdons-Alforj in France where they had been on vacation with their parents, to join up with their brother Brandon.

 Thats Harmony, Brandon and Melody from the left.  (Harmony is a 100+ poses Addison, Brandon is a CJ and Melody is Kaitlin from the same release.  The girls were secondhand not in box purchase off Ebay so I do not know if they were originally sold individually or together).  Whilst these twins do not look alike, they have very similar personalities.  The family actually is quite musically talented, ooh, July 6th is this Friday, and the girls will be getting something that they will no longer have to borrow from the school band supplies. 

So Birthday Paradox proven?  Twins is cheating, however by accident, other birthdays shared include Brandon and Zoe, McKinley and Ariah, Chloe and Eleanor, and Josephine and Brooke-Lyn.  I'll need to double check my records, but I'm pretty certain they were all purchased on different days, possibly different locations of origin, and even a year apart in the case of McKinley and Ariah.  I will introduce them to you all later and in more depth on their own pages.