Sunday, May 19, 2013

Goodbye Marisol

I decided to see if someone else would like Marisol come live with them.  I just couldn't get the vibe that she was meant to stay with me.
She was just not fitting in with the BFC girls - I'd aged Marisol at about 8 (I think she was 10 in her book), whilst my BFC's are at least 14.  Zoe and Hayley love dolls and still play with them, and Josephine and Ariah are into cats, Josephine, Gillian, Yuri and Jaime are dancers, but despite having things in common she just did not match.  The Journey Girls maybe could have been friends, but she just didn't seem to fit, I don't even think I introduced them, was it the price difference - I don't know.
Hmmm, the wig, the JG's have a soft body but the shoulders/chest aren't, I just didn't like Marisols neck line.

So I set her up on Ebay, and someone did want her, and so she has gone to someone who would appreciate her more, I hope.

I have kept the wire brush that I bought.