Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Sylvanian Families

Sylvanian Families look to be on the increase in Australia, I have a house and a cat family from ages ago, will have to see if its still here actually, was in Toys'r'us today (or shall we say frequently - its not my fault they're just a quick walk away during my lunch break) and noticed some of the boxes are changing to a more seaside theme.  Googled Sylvanian Families and found their website - it looks like it is Australian, - cool (you can even turn the music off)

The Sylvanian Families are on my "One day, maybe" list (along with raising ceilings and putting an extension on my house to fit in my I wants) .

This family caught my eye:  Old version - Kangaroo Family (cute that the mummy carries the new born in her apron pouch) - being an Australian icon/native animal (there's supposed to be a Koala Family too). I wonder what their tales are like

And this is the new version

their noses aren't long enough  - in my opinion

the Family boxes are changing from blue to pink

Journey Girls things

just in time for Winter in North Queensland (after cyclone season)

Saw these in Toys'r'us today
I have a previous version of the wheelchair, the seat cover is purple, and the casts are grey

Look What's coming to Westfield Kotara (Australia)

Sunday, March 22, 2015

What Josefina bought at the fair

Do Pumpkin Patch bear clothes fit American Girl dolls?

We went to the Fair and did not come home empty handed.

a stall holder had a basket of little clothes. They were selling for $5 each, The top and pants on the left were being sold as one item.

Pumpkin Patch.
OSFA = one size fits all

These clothes were brand new

Still had their lable

and original shop prices


but would the OSFA mean a possible One Size Fits American Girls?

Pippa (Be Forever Samantha)

A little tight getting them over her arms, but once on they were perfect, even the pants



You can now take the lables off Pip we are not returning them.

Ah! I stopped at $10, there were a couple of other things in the basket, again a photograph would have helped, but not to worry, 

so we googled...

Pumpkin Patch is a kids clothing store, hmmm, was there one in Charlestown Square - shame I hate going there.  PP sell teddy bears, I finally found it under
the 'collections' tab  'teddy fashion and more'
So they sell kids clothes, but some of the items have a matching teddy outfit - that is really cool, and very AG, but there you go

Shipping is usually a draw back for me, but because they have stores in Australia, it would end up not being so bad, yay, I will need to look into this closer.

Looks like there are also overseas sites
Pumpkin Patch also delivers within Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. For delivery to these countries, place an order on the following websites:

The Newcastle and Hunter Valley Doll Lovers Society Annual Fair.

I'm not sure where I had been for the other 30 years, but in 2013 I found a leaflet on the counter at an Op Shop advertising that there was a local doll fair, Well actually I do know where I was, I had just not heard of this before then.

Newcastle and the Hunter Valley are north of Sydney, about 200km north. They have been running the toy fair for 33 years this year, this year it was at Lambton High School, in the school hall. I've been 3 times now, I know I took Marisol the first time, not sure now about the second, probably BFC ink Maddie, I was checking my blog posts for the last two Marches and failed to report, save for some vague reference on the April 1st 2014 post called "Cousin".

Anyway, so 2015 I took Mariana and Josefina. The girls wanted to see the big wide world of doll collectibles, Josefina was missing her dolls.

Mariana, I had the wierdest dream this morning, that we had camped out at the dollfair to try and beat the rush.
Hahahaha, must have been the banana split

was it a dream?

Have we got enough time?
Sure do, it's only 9 o'clock.

Going, in, walk this way...

tickets were at the front door, $6.50 we paid to get in, we could also buy raffle tickets, with proceeds going to the Hunter Animal Rescue

This pretty girl was one of the prizes, along with the little blonde

and a baby, shhhh, don't wake the baby. Is this legal?
It's a doll.

First stall, old dolls, I think they're by Pedigree

photo bomb

this was a bronze dragon statue, a collectible, and very heavy.

these are from the 1920's wow their nearly 100!!

Is that Susan Mary? Grandma's doll?

Mare, what's up doc. Baring ones teeth is not a new thing, Mariana's Kaya background got a little scared, actually we all were a little scared.  Grandma's Susan Mary used to have teeth, I wonder if they were as bucky as these. 

A very sophisticated lady.
Gene by Ashton Drake, I think it was Hello Hollywood

The dolls under the table

Would I like to collect dolls of he world?

Or miniatures

look how tiny they are, hmm any goats?

Wow, look at these furniture pieces

so tiny, and beautiful

Norma buys the bare furniture and then does all the covering/decorating

She said it was 1/12 scale. Wow, we are 1/3.


Bears!! This was from a shop in a little town called Morpeth. Morpeth is about 1/2 drive north of Newcastle, on the bank of the Hunter River. It still feels like an 1800's township, I will have to take the girls there soon, and Peggy for the teapot show.

I'm beary lovely

Steiff bears and other animals (German, first made in 1902) 

Harry Potter missin an owl?

A little rest

Claire Bears, based in Queensland, an Ultimate Tour

Dolly Pegs by Shirley

and a very helpful stall holder.  The Peg dolls are all hand painted and dressed, there was even doll furniture

and 3 wise men, slightly lost, Bethlehem is that way...

Chessington Dolls. These are mostly porcelain lady torsoes, that you make skirts for with fine cotton and beads, and display them. Very beautiful.

American girl Kailey (doll of the year 2003), she was helping Margaret from Betty Chloe Dolls.

Wow, your human is so clever, and you are so lucky you can wear all those beautiful clothes.
I know. You can even buy one of the models, Margaret has given them new hair and new outfits, look at those shoes.

There was so much more, at the fair, we forgot to take pictures of, it was getting close to lunch time and the small amount of sleep was finally catching up with us.
We saw one other American Girl and that was a little blonde Bitty Twin, feeling a little awkward in a Bitty Baby outfit. She did come over to say hello with her very happy buyer (only $20 and in very good condition). The seller had thought she was a Bitty Baby, the buyer now has the awkward job herself to let the little girl know that she was missing her sibling.

We did not go home empty handed.

Josefina is not convinced that I did not leave them out overnight.