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Introducing ..... Part 2

Addison and Kaitlin 100+ poses came in a twin box, I’m not sure why, but I thought I would take advantage of it and make them non-identical twins.  My girls were bought 2nd hand from Ebay, and arrived together, to help with the twin thing, on the 6th of July 2011.  Melody and Harmony.  They have an older brother – CJ come Brandon.  They are musically inclined, which my guess is the parents realized their family potential and named the girls appropriately.  (BRANDON CONCERTO). Melody plays the Flute and Harmony a clarinet.  They also love Disney Princesses, and Barbie.  They may not look the same (one could argue face shape, but then we’d have quite a number of very close relatives) but do have a lot in common, and are best friends.  They share the same room which is in progress of being princessified, including canopied beds, and have Disney princess stickers just waiting for the walls to be papered to be adorned by their favourites (ie all of them).
BFC INK PENPALS…on the 6th of November 2011 I found Amazon advertising the BFC ink Pen Pals.  I nearly fell off my chair, I was so excited as they were new characters.  The picture I found showed 4 dolls.  There did end up being a tiny little bit of a let down as the dolls pictured on the back of the boxes were not exactly what the actual dolls turned out to be, most noticeably Carmen and Elsa …

But I got them all, all the same, actually not ALL, as one of them was never made – Lily.

December 12 2011 saw the arrival of two of them, no they were not going to be twins just an arrival by the same flight.  Josephine, BFC ink Pen pals Carmen.  Apparently from Mexico (ooh, now that’s an idea for another blog, State of Origin, or rather place of origin (as State of Origin is an East coast Australian sporting term for NRL football)). Anyway, Carmen was gorgeous, or Josephine rather.  She is a tapdancer. Her best friend is her cousin Ariah.

Brooke-Lyn arrived the same day, BFC ink Pen pal Britt, from England (Britian – haha).   Brooke-Lyn loves fish as in live ones in the wild or as pets in a tank, and Hello Kitty.  She is friends with Kaitlyn, and her roommate Ellie, though is feeling a little cramped in there due to the increasing size of someones collection.

 The BFC ink line Summer Splashin’ had 4 dolls, Noelle, Aliesha, Addison and Kaitlin.  I had never really intended to get them, as I wanted to rule out getting too many dolls that were similar, but rules are meant to be broken, apparently.

Leisel arrived on the 7th of February 2012.  She was BFC ink Summer Splashin’ Noelle.  Leisel is a surfie chick. Loves swimming, surfing, the ocean, water, sailing. She is best friends and roommate with Erika.
March 2012 became very busy with arrivals..

Victoria (Vicki) arrived on the 7th.  A 2nd hand BFC ink 100+ poses Yuko.  Her hair had been played with so much that it stuck out around her head like she’d had an electric shock or a lab explosion, so she got a hair cut.  Vicki loves horses.  For quite a while she and her best friend Chloe, who are roommates, were looking after the Cabbage Patch Kid ponies.

Chloe arrived on the 12th. She was a BFC Ink Summer Splashin’ Aliesha.  She looked too similar to Georgia, they are not related, with her hair long so she got her hair trimmed.  Chloe was partly named for what I recalled from Asterix comic books of the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, and the haircut, not the nose.  Chloe loves horses.  She and her best friend and roommate Vicki at one point were actually sleeping in the stable with the horses, but I think I’ve managed to make arrangement so the horse is actually outside the building, rather than in it.

Also on the 12th came Eleanor.  Eleanor (Ellie for short) was BFC ink Pen Pals Elsa.  Apparently Elsa was from Sweden.  Ellie loves Elephants, she also loves ice skating.  Her roommate is Brooke-Lyn and the space issue is because of Ellie’s collection of Elephants.  Its not that big (in Ellie's opinion), yet, but there is not much room for anything else.

Erika arrived on the 28th.  She was BFC ink Pen Pals Nicolette.  Nicolette was supposed to be from France.  Erika has golden blonde hair and brown eyes, and to me just oozed surfy chick.  Which was good cos her best friend Leisel has similar interests.  Erika also loves dolphins.

 Juliette arrived on the 15th of May 2012.  She was BFC ink Addison, I think from the series called Favourite things.  She loves photography, and reading books – particularly Stephen King.  She wears glasses. She shares a room with, hmm or does she, She was going to share with Josephine, but I think Josephine and Ariah have bunked in together instead.  I will need to double check my accommodation issues.  Camping! Maybe someone can live in a tent. Ah, why Stephen King? Because she came from Maine in the US.

Ariah arrived on the 6th of June 2012, almost missed you and skipped to Jackson.  She was BFC ink Pen Pals Carmen (the second).  I just couldn’t resist the cuteness of her face, and she is slightly different to her older cousin, Josephine.  Jospehine just looks a little older, and has pierced ears, Ariah does not have pierced ears, and maybe it’s the pigtails but she does look younger.  Anyway, they are best of friends.  Ariah really loves cats.  Her name was inspired by a character from “A Song of Fire and Ice” called Arya, that I was reading at the time, who was being instructed in the art of Sword fighting and had to chase cats, well, it sounds a little odd now that I’ve put it in writing, but that’s what happened.

Jackson arrived on the 31st of July 2012, he was BFC ink CJ 100+ poses (the second).  A friend for Brandon. There are slight differences – Brandon’s face seems rounder, but it could be that his hair is a bit more on the sticky out side, ah, and then Brandon’s hair is swept to the left, while Jackson's is to the right.  He will probably be a Skater boy, just haven’t got round to giving him anything yet.  I did try a mini bicycle that he might start a collection of, but I broke it just taking it out of the packet.

So that is all the dolls named and favoured at present. I got distracted on the 7th of August by the JG’s, but I do not intend to forsake the BFC’s.  Maddie’s birthday is late September , I am in process of getting her a present (hopefully they fit – a pair of inline skates like Georgia’s).  Spring is upon us and as the weather gets a little warmer I plan to have the winter wear  make way for lighter clothing.

August 3rd 2012 did see the arrival of another 100+ poses Noelle, she was 2nd hand and very loose at all her joints.  She’s up there on the shelf at the moment in an ex-porcelain dolls outfit pending her fate. I might not even mention her yet.

Introducing... part 1

The BFC INK's (BFC's):

(This may become either very long or be spread over several posts. I have kind of introduced my BFC's but not in the way I'd planned, anyway, I wrote this out without actually viewing every post I'd done so far, so if I'm repeating myself and saying things twice it must be important or I'm getting forgetful).....
Maddelyn, now I think I have introduced her previously, and then forgot everyone else, ah I remember now I was going to make a page for each one, and that task seemed to fall by the wayside, ah yes, there were not enough pages available to fit them all on one of their own, so, any way.  I meant to give out more information:
Maddelyn was the first, she arrived September 28 2010.  Maddie is a bit of a tomboy, loves her skateboard, tigers and lego figures. She is best friends with Georgia.  Maddelyn was bought 2nd hand, but was originally a BFC ink Addison.  She did come with some of her original outfits.
Product Details

I had been a long time My Scene (big headed Barbie) fan, but by the time I met Maddie the market for those dolls was dwindling seriously and I had been accumulating them off Ebay.  I met Maddie one day whilst browsing MGA (the Bratz maker) on Ebay thinking of dabbling there and well I won the auction and soon after was hooked on BFC ink.
Yuri arrived on the 1st of November 2010.  Yuri is the BFC ink Yuko, a ballerina. Yuri has the BFC ink ballet outfit, she also likes computers, chess, and music. She is friends with all the BFC's at my place, but probably particularly with Callie her roommate and fellow computer enthusiast, and Gillian her ballet classmate.  I named her Yuri after the Japanese word for lilly, she does have what I would call an Asian face, her beautiful almond eyes make her smile.  She was from the series I think is known as 100+ poses, new to the line.

 Product Details   
Gillian arrived on the 22nd of November 2010.  Gillian is the stunning freckled, auburn haired beauty, boxed as Gianna.  Gilian loves pink, ballet and cooking. She is from 100+ poses series and was a new doll to the BFC ink line.  Gillian did come with a little pair of hornrimmed pink glasses, but she does not need to wear them.

 Product Details
November 2010 was quite busy for arrivals: Callie arrived on the 25th. She was BFC ink Calista I think she was from the Favourite Things series, where she came with her laptop. Callie was boxed with blackframed glasses.  I decided to keep her with eyewear, but have since found that American Girl glasses fit just fine and she is currently wearing a pair of pink metal framed ones. Callie loves photography, and her laptop.  She is great friends with Juliette, and her roomy Yuri.

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December… now I do recall having bought a 2nd hand Kaitlin from Ebay in October, that did not arrive, I think I have gotten over it, but only due to a miracle that occurred in June the following year, I will tell more later. She was meant to be called McKinley. This is a photo of her photo from Ebay. In an attempt to heal the wound, I bought another Kaitlin, but not the same release…
Kaitlyn arrived December 29th 2010. She was a BfC ink Kaitlin, yes I know not much imagination with the name change, but she just suited the name, the spelling was just wrong and I had to fix it. I had thought to make her McKinley but it was just not the right name for her.
Kaitlyn loves animals and the environment.  She loves gardening and chickens.  She is good friends with everyone, particularly her roommate McKinley (which would have made things very confusing if they'd had the same name), horseloving Vicki and Chloe, and fish friendly Brooke-Lyn.

Best Friends Club, ink. - Kaitlin Doll Pack(Walmart pic)

Twins!! BFC ink has its own twins Aliesha and Noelle. They arrived at my place on the 5th of April 2011, together, found at a local Toys’R’Us.  Aliesha became Georgia, the straight-haired fringed tomboy, and Noelle the shyer and sweet Hayley.  They have the same colourings, but otherwise are almost complete opposites.  Georgia loves soccer, skating, skate boarding and hanging out with the boys and her best friend Maddelyn.  Hayley loves to play with dolls and teddy bears, and found a soulmate in Zoe with whom she shares a room.  Both these girls were from the 100+ poses series.

  Product Details      Product Details
I forgot to mention, Georgia loves Xmas. 

The search for McKinley was never far from my mind I think and by some miracle and movement of funds to ensure I would not be disappointed the 2nd time led to the arrival of McKinley on the 6th of June 2011.  McKinley was a Kaitlin. She was 2nd hand, but came in one of her original outfits.  McKinley loves art and craft. She makes her own clothes, either sewn or knitted (crocheted). She shares her room with Kaitlyn.  McKinley wears little round gold framed glasses.
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 June 24th 2011 by coincidence saw the arrival of 2, not twins.  Brandon, the BFC ink CJ, the honorary member of the BFC ink, a boy.  Brandon is into skateboarding, basket ball, all sports really, and electric guitar.  His family is rather musically talented, as will be noted later in his sisters intros (Melody and Harmony). CJ was part of the 100+ poses series and as far as I can tell the only time he was released, and the only boy doll of the entire line (shame).  Due to space issues I have opted to house the girls first and hope someday to be able to make a boys space/bedroom.  Brandon doesn’t mind hanging out with Georgia and Maddie, as long as its at the skate park.  He has recently found a mate, Jackson.

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 And Zoe.  Zoe was Calista from the 100+ poses series. Callie has long very curly uncombable hair, whilst Zoe’s is still long but wavy and a lot more manageable. Zoe did come with the Calista blackframed glasses but I have not made her a wearer.  Zoe loves dolls, and found a best friend in a co-enthusiast Hayley.  They share a room as well as their favourite pastime. Lala Loopseys and Lil’ Sprout Cabbage Patch Kids are some of their favourite things.

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July 6th 2011 – Twins!!

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to be continued...

(The Stock photos have been stolen by me from the website).


The Journey Girls (JG's)
After some deliberation I finally picked names for my JG's dolls:
So I’d like to introduce you to:





 and Ginnifer

Their personalities etc are still in progress, but at least they have names.
My tradition with my BFC ink dolls had been to give them Birthdays as the dates they arrived, however with 3 of them on one day and the other 2 on another it was a bit boring.  Did I have the imagination to pick my own dates?

No, I decided to use the ones TRU have on their website so we have:
Zara on the 15th of August
Shannon on the 10th of October
Mikaya  on the 6th of April
Meghan June 15th
and Ginnifer July the 1st
I do hope some day to get Kyla/Alana, which would make who ever that is January 25th; and well I would also like the other Callie and Taryn, and if that ever happens we'll have to wait and see if they are TRU dated or not.

(Have just realized I have not yet really introduced my BFC Ink dolls!! How rude, will make amends asap).