Sunday, July 26, 2015

Eye colour

Maplelea Leonie's eyes are Hazel, Journey Girl Chavonne seemed to be nearest match

And well everyone else wanted to have a close up too...

Trinity, brown

Tzeitel (Rebecca) an amazing green

Tauralie, green

Matilda, very bright green

Journey Girl Kelsey, light green

and my two blue eyed girls, Maddie and Emily.

I have left a couple of girls out, but these were the ones outside with me at the time

Browns: Llewellyn (Julie), Miriam (MYAG 30), Pippa (Samantha), Mariana (Kaya), Josefina, Mercedes (MYAG 46)

Green: Emily (MYAG 21)

Blue: Antoinette (Marie-Grace) in aquamarine

(acknowledgement to the unlisted Journey Girls and BFC inkers) 

So now that we've met the visitor, can we try on all her clothes?

To be polite, is there a period of time that should have lapsed before trying on a new persons clothes?

Because it was sunny and approaching 20 out of the shade the girls wanted to try on Leonie's clothes. These are the body shapes and sizes we had to work with.
Maplelea Leonie, BFC ink Maddie (aka Addison), Journey Girls Kelsey, Australian Girl Matilda, and American Girl Truly Me #61 Tauralie

Leonie's torso is closest to Tauralie, whilst her arms and legs maybe a little larger than Kelsey

it was pretty clear from early on that some girls were just out of the running

Leonie's greet outfit
Aussie Girl Matilda, the red top was a little snug

Manitoba wildflowers
she could get the sleeve of the jacket on, just, the khaki pants were a success

she could even sit down in them without popping the fly

Carnaval Cozy
the fur coat was a success, the hood being only for show though

Night Owl nightwear
the pyjama shirt was a little tight

and her feet too big for the slippers

Leonie wearing Matilda's t-shirt

Leonie in Matilda's teddy onesie (the onesie is a baby size 0000, its big on everyone)

Leonie in the Our Generation dress from "A need for twead"

the jacket arms are too short for winter wear, but for spring no problem

the dress was gorgeous, the shoes did not fit

Tauralie (Truly Me #61) in Leonie's welcome outfit - success

Journey Girls open toe sandals

the ankle strap a little high in my opinion

The Manitoba Wildflowers outfit on Tauralie worked pretty well
just a little room in the trousers 

perfect t

denim jacket - the sleeves were too long and wouldn't snap closed but just rolling the cuff up looked great 

Leonie's arms are too long for American girl made things

American Girl skater hoodie (currently owned by BFC ink Maddie)

and the winner of the Most and Biggest Tags Award goes to 

Pumpkin Patch Teddy fur coat, this is owned by Trinity, the arms are too short on Leonie by far, and it is less noticeable on Trinity as the body of the coat makes up for part of the sleeve

Trinity looked great in Leonie's Carnaval Cozy coat

Accessories- the mittens, I didn't try these on anyone other than

Maddie as her hands are more slender

now just to decide if they are mittens or oven mitts

Tzeitel tried on Leonie's pyjamas

maybe a little tight across the back

but definitely successful on the intended 

I wasn't going to try Leonie's underthings on any one else, her stockings unfortunately had a hole in them when I took them out of the box. Fortunately human socks convert very nicely. 

The shoes:

the feet
Maplelea, American Girl, Journey Girls, BFC ink

Maddie (BFC ink) and Leonie

Matilda (Australian Girl) and Leonie

Tauralie (American Girl) and Leonie

Leonie and Journey Girl Chavonne

Leonie tried on Chavonnes red slip ons - her feet were too long, Chavonne successfully wore Leonie's sneakers

Leonie could wear the Journey Girl open toed sandals

I think in the end each outfit will be a little hit or miss with other brands