Saturday, May 30, 2015

Miss Trinity is having a Birthday

Tuesday, the 2nd of June is Trinity's birthday, (that date has been given to her because she is My American Girl number 26, 2 6 - in Australia we usually give the day then the month). So I thought it would be nice to see if she wanted to do something special

she made me wear this hat

No, well yes, but I was wondering if you wanted to go for a ride in the car, somewhere.

 Hey Pudding do you want to go for a ride in the car? Hoh, she made you wear a bow

We've been attacked by teddy bear outfits
Oh, I thought it was kind of cute, 
Is that why you were giggling?
Well, yes, you do kind of look funny, here look in the mirror
Hehehe, okay, well, alright then.
So did you want to go out?

Hoh, can we go to that toy store in Rutherford?
Ooh, I'd forgotten about that.
And can we have McDonalds for Breakfast?
I'll wear the party hat all day, and Pudding will wear the bow.
Alright then.
Yay, I'll race you to the car.

Hold on tight Pudding

It was too crowded to eat in store, so we got takeaway and went down to the local park, which was also crowded, Saturday morning sports were on. So we ate in the car.

Mmmm, Banana

Look Pudd, yummy hot cakes

with butter and syrup

oh, Catherine, did you want some?

Passing Maitland on the highway (where we went to the pictures to see Cinderella), we made it to Rutherford, to a rare and exciting toy shop, called Toyriffic. Rare meaning outside of a Department store or Toys'r'us Maitland also has a toyshop (which wasn't open the Saturday we were there - it was too early) called Toyworld. I can't think of any other stand alone toy shops that still exist, that are reasonably close. 
After seeking permission from the sales clerk, and telling her that it was Trinity's birthday, we were allowed to take pictures.
This was outside the front dorr


I think I would be a safer driver, Pudding, I just need to grow longer legs (she was standing at the steering wheel).

Ah! one of these please, in white.

Giddyup, faster, faster

Hoh, look Pudd


Sylvanian Family house

Hello, Petite Fleur, can you breathe?
This was a doll from Germany, with gorgeous outfits, I think she was unfortunately a little slimmer than an American Girl, and somewhat more expensive

the Piano was just about the right size, the keys unfortunately were too big, and too few.
Trinity was getting a little bored, I had to go round the shop a few more times though, so she went outside

Homeward, we stopped at Maitland at Superdollar

For some crafty stuff (wool, pencils, little note books) and found a lacey umbrella/parisol, just the right size

Friday, May 29, 2015


When Marisol came to visit

Photo Photo
Maddie's birthday, and trying out the doll bed

Photo Photo
Consoling Trinity when Pudding went missing, snoozing with her brothers in the sun 
Miss Woo, December 1998 - 29 May 2015 

A little bear

Trying on a new wig, Hanalei

My Kanani (renamed Hanalei, after the bay in the island of Kauai, and sometimes in the autumn mist you see a dragon (is Honalee, but kind of close)) came second hand and a little well loved. Her face has a long shiny stripe down her right cheek, and her hair was a little ratty.  The shiny stripe is a scar from a surfing accident (until I get it fixed), her hair got a dousing of Argan Oil by me, and well, I was still not happy, so awighunting I went, and got what I thought would be the nearest, and available option - Marie-Grace.

Unfortunately it is not as long as Kanani's original, and there is the obvious curly bits and centre part
but here she be so far,

this was taken with the plaits still in, and pushed to the side for the offcentre part. The Curly bits were a little crushed in transit, hmm, Hanalei do you want the curly bits? um are they hair or seaweed?
now to find some appropriate glue

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Tuesday, I had teddies on my mind

So it took me until Tuesday to open what we bought at the Build a Bear Workshop

Yes, that is two bears

The bears are gifted in a box, that has been sketched to look like little houses. I imagine the idea is that the boxes can be an activity in themselves - colour them in or decorate them.

Oh, that is not one of the bears.
Build a Bears, have Build a Bear buddies.
Isn't it cute, lamby

You can't have too much sheep, or goats for that matter
Sombrita are you in there?

Build a Bear Buddies have their own wardrobe as well

This is a dragon onesie, the bears have a similar outfit option  - I think this is supposed to be sleepwear.  The spikes will glow in the dark.
I had seen this outfit in my weekly browse pre-Monday 25th, and thought it would fit Horsey

But if it was meant to fit a Buddy, I had better find that out too.

nnnnnnnnnn, inhale,  nnnnnn
Oh, thats for the back leg, 

Ta da. Lamby's ears are lower on the head then the Buddy Bears, so the ear holes don't match up

The velcro for the opening in the back, kept snagging in his lamby fleece, and there is a little hole under the dragon tail for the teddy tail. 

The gift for its intended

Now for the bears................

I forgot to take a lot of pictures of the bears in store, but they ranged from plain colours, to rainbows, green, characters, just take a look at the website for all the options.
I wanted a bear to dress. part of the idea was to see if the clothes would fit My dolls, Pippa suggested that maybe a plain colour would be best, as the other options were way too busy, and the outfits plus the colours of the bear fur would be too much

Sneaky, or sensible, we had already decided from the website who would be coming home.

Pippa informed me that bears usually have twins
and well there are outfits suitable for girls and for boys, and 

so we have Alex and Aleisha
after being stuffed, they got a little heart put inside them, and their unique bar code, the opening is closed, and then to the instore computer to register them. If the bears are lost, their unique bar code will identify their owner and where they belong, hehehe, bit like the pound for stray dogs. They come with a birth certificate.

And well whats a dressable bear without an outfit?

Undies to cover a bear bottom. A little hole in the back of all things for the sake of tails.
Aleisha got a pair of floral girly pants, Alex a pair of tighty whities

T-shirt, why not a birthday shirt for your birthday

A denim skirt


Skinny leg jeans

tail, the undies can be pulled up so you see the band, that's the trend isn't it?

We did want shoes but they had sold out of the ones I liked (just a pair of sensible sneakers).

and well, a little bit birthday overboard
a hat. a bow tie, a felt birthday card, and a sash

Happy Bearthday to You
Happy Bearthday to You
Happy Bearthday Alex and Aleisha
Happy Bearthday to You