Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Some very drastic economies Mama

No, we haven't sacked the household staff and sent Cinderella into the kitchen to become the slave. (The heading is a quote from The Slipper and The Rose)
The decision to purchase twins, identical twins at that, that want everything where possible identical, was a fancy I had taken whilst at work waiting for the spinning wheel to stop (nothing to do with Rumpelstiltskin or Sleeping Beauty*). Who to twinify?
I really like the Josefina face mold, with Tauralie (Truly Me #61 - Classic mold, green eyes, red hair) came a copy of the May 2015 American Girl catalogue, and whilst the stunning Truly Me 62 and 64 were there, I kept wondering over to the Grace collection - the power of print media, I think it was the picture of Grace in her pjs that won me (you can just see it on the last picture in this post, top right hand corner of the catalogue). 

So anyway, the decision to purchase two dolls did mean at the time I did not have enough funds to get any of her collection, other than piercing her ears, and just for a little while the girls have worn different earrings to each other, to help discern who is who, while we are getting used to them.

Bridget is on the left wearing the blue bows, and Bryndl is on the right, she is wearing red hearts.

Two of everything..
Build A Bear Buddies, Cookies and Cream Puppies

Two bags of goodies

Ooh spare earrings

My Take, with a touch of Winter in mind, on Grace's City outfit

and her Sight seeing outfit

Better pictures from American Girl wiki
Grace's pajamasCity Outfit


 Grace's Sight seeing outfit and accessories

The collection interpretation is still in progress (forgot the shoes)  but it was fun putting a personal spin on it. Must take pictures with the girls in the outfits before it gets too hot.

(*I don't work for the Brothers Grimm or Hans Christian Anderson, mentioning my employer and what I think of the computer system we have is possibly an offence, and well I have twins now, etc etc (I rely on the income too much)).

Sunday, August 23, 2015

A touch of Sun, or seeing double again

Winter is trying really hard to leave us, it was warm, very warm, too warm for fur coats (sorry Pudding you don't get a choice), big boots and stockings.

Trinity had some crafting to do, and maybe a little American Girl catalogue browsing

Aussie Girls Emily and Matilda were feeling the heat in their bear outfits

and had a big bag of things from the Op shop to go through to find something cooler

This is a denim bag decorator

oooh, glitter glue, and sequins 

the Op Shop had been selling out the Winter stock $5 fill a bag (wow!), Winter things can be cut down, Summer things can't be cut up, well they can, I mean it's harder to accomodate other seasons with summer stuff

Crafting is so much fun

I wonder where Tzeitel is, her crocheting is here

Look at all this lovely stuff Matty.

I'll empty the bag so we can see it all

The bags are big Pudding, maybe we should work out how to make them our size before decorating them

Matty where did yo go?

Here I am

oooh purple


Hello, curly hair.
Oh, Hello. Straight hair
What are you doing?

Crafting, curly hair

No my name is Trinity and this is Pudding

Crafting, Curly Hair, Trinity, hoh

please mind my net and jar, I have to find her

wha? that was wierd

Now where were we Pudd?

Ooh Hello, curly hair.
Oh you're back
No I'm Bryndl

A cat. And you're crafting, and you have curly hair, are you Trinity?


Please mind my net and jar, I have to find her

Did that just happen twice?

Is that two nets and two jars

Tzeitel, there you are (sob)

Trini what's wrong?

oh, (sob) I think I'm losing my mind, she was there and called me curly hair, and then she ran away and came back and did it all over again, and I keep seeing two of everything

Hehehe Trinity, maybe there is two of everything.

Look, there they are

It is her Bridget
It is her Bryndl


There really is two of you?

It really is you Trinity.
We heard you wish for us twice.
And so needed to see you.
To say thankyou.
Hoh, are you, wait, no..

could it be


no hat, but, blue eyes, and freckles and straight brown hair


Goodness Graces me, It's Twins!!